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Huawei Cloud ultra-large-scale pre-training model launched at the WAIC 2021



On 8th July 2021, Huawei officially launched the Huawei Cloud Pangu ultra-large-scale pre-training model at the 2021 World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC2021) in Shanghai.

Visitors can experience the abilities of Huawei Cloud Pangu even in the Chinese language. The model is able to drive the desired output through various interactive programs.

Huawei first introduced the Cloud Pangu model alongside 5 other major technologies at HDC 2021 ( Huawei Developer Cloud Conference), which was held at the last of April 2021.

Huawei Cloud Pangu Model:

Huawei Cloud Pangu Molde is designed to build a comprehensive and convenient AI functionality to accelerate AI development in the industry. Huawei Cloud model delivers combine benefits of the world’s largest Chinese NLP model and vision pre-trained technology.

The Pangu Model is stimulating the development of AI elements ad expanding them into a wide range of industries. It includes the following characteristics:

  1. Chinese language (NLP)
  2. Computer Visual (CV) large models
  3. Multi-modal large models
  4. Scientific computing large models
  5. Strong generalization ability
  6.  Small-sample learning
  7. High model accuracy

The Clue list released by the Chinese language comprehension evaluation benchmark, Huawei Cloud Pangu secured the first position and meets the standards of distribution and reading comprehension.

As per the report, it’s said to be the first Chinese NLP model with about 3 billion parameters. At the same time, the Pangu CV model is the industry’s largest CV model with 1% of ImageNet and 10% of data set sampling classification accuracy.

Furthermore, it’s the first time when the linear classification evaluation on ImageNet has achieved a tantamount result and the related results have also reached the smart top academic conventions including CVPR 2021, ECCV 2020, ICCV 2019, and so on.

As of now, Huawei Cloud has been successfully concluded an estimated over 600 projects across 10 different industries such as iron, mining, ad so on. The company also planning to released the Huawei Aloud Pangu pre-training model on the Huawei Cloud AI Asset Sharing Community (AI Gallery).

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