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Huawei and jointly launches new evaporating cooling solutions



Huawei jointly evaporating cooling solution

On August 6th, Huawei and JD.Com jointly announced the new generation of indirect evaporating cooling solutions in China with the joint advantages of Huawei Digital Energy and JD Cloud. Both firms held a grand press conference under the theme “wind in and water retreat, extreme energy-saving”.

At the event, many industry leaders, technical experts, media associates, and other partners witness this indirect evaporative cooling solutions official release. To achieve carbon neutrality and new infrastructure, the data centers have undergone various changes in cooling technology over two decades.

According to Wang Gang, who is general manager of intelligent temperature control in Huawei Digital Energy Data Center said that Huawei published its first indirect evaporative cooling solution FusionCol in 2019. Since then the company is working to maintain lower PUE by optimizing system architecture.

Later in 2020, the company introduced FusinCol indirect evaporative cooling solution 2.0. It has realized the cross-generation upgrade of integrated environmental control from AHU to EHU (Environment Handling Unit).

Huawei evaporating cooling solution System

Huawei and Evaporating Cooling Solutions Specification:

President Wang further informed that this new generation indirect evaporating cooling solution jointly launched by Huawei satisfies the demands in the current data centers.

  • Minimalism: It adopted the concept of HVAC integration, features a lithium battery energy storage system, to reduce the end-to-end Capex by 10%
  • Green: 75% reduced heat exchange core fouling rate, 5%  improved heat exchange efficiency, and 8% efficient wind turbine. It supports PUE target 1.25 for typical scenarios with an increased power output rate of 3%.
  • Intelligence: With the advanced AI-iCooling integrated energy efficiency, it realizes CLF reduction up to 0.02 and cutoff the maintenance time by more than 50%.
  • Safety: The lithium battery workers with 0 temperature fluctuation issues the safety measurements of the data centers.

GMPI Certification: 

This solution has been undergoing many tests to confirm the efficiency and safety standards. Furthermore, it is certified by GMPI Certification from Hefei General Mechanical and Electrical Products Testing Institute. It’s classified as the highest level of credibility in Class A laboratory.

Huawei evaporating cooling solution GMPI Certificate

Experts Talk:

As I mentioned earlier, many industry leaders and experts in data center temperature control have taken part in the event, who talked about the industry development, consulting and design, industry applications, and innovative practices. The experts who present their thoughts are:

  • Data Center Industry Expert – Yang Yanxi
  • Deputy director of the Data Special Research Center, Shanghai Architectural Design – Feng Lijing
  • Senior R&D expert Huawei Digital Energy Data Center –  Han Yi
  • Network Management Center Dynamic Group Team leader China Mobile – Hao Jun
  • President of the energy field Huawei Digital Energy Data Center – Fei Zhenfu

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