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Huawei faces decline in China’s PC and tablet market in Q2 2021: Report



Huawei MatePad

The market research firm Canalys reports that the overall tablet market in China has fallen down by 24% YoY. Whereas the PC shipment market has also shown a decline by 3% YoY in Q2, 2021.

Lenovo led the market with the highest 40% overall share followed by Dell, HP, and Asus grabbed second, third, and fourth spots respectively. Whereas Huawei stepped down to the fifth position with a 3% market share.

Huawei’s PC market in China

The PC market has shown some changes due to Huawei’s US ban and its decision to split Honor. Taking advantage of Huawei’s current PC market situation, both HP and Asus have been promoted up in the rankings.

The Chinese tech giant has recorded a huge decline in shipment by 64% on the year, which makes the company worry about its position in its home country. Meanwhile, Lenovo has solidified its top spot by making 31% YoY growth.

Huawei Position in China:

Not just the PC market, Huawei has also faced a decline in the tablet market of China. The company grabbed a 19% market share with a 61% on-year decline.

Adversely affected by the number of sanctions from the US, Huawei’s tablet shipment fell by more than 60% to just 1 million. While its former subsidiary brand, Honor was also included in the top 5 shipping 0.6 million units.

Overall PC and tablet market of China

Talking about the whole market, the PC shipments in China have fallen down by 3% year on year in the second quarter but increased sequentially to reach 18.3 million units.

Huawei MatePad PRO tablet

The shipments for desktops, notebooks, and tablets have grown over the period of time. looking at the last year’s growth, the shipments for desktop and mobile workstations have increased by 77% at 270,000.

The standard desktop shipments have hit 5 million units. While the Notebooks have shown a very negligible amount of growth with just a 1.4% increase at 8.6 million units. And the tablet market has subsequently called down 24% YoY in Q2, 2021.

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