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Huawei and Shanxi Mobile jointly achieved 5G 2.2Gbps uplink in Coal Malan Mine



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According to the latest news, Huawei and Shanxi Mobile collaboration brings shocking results and realizes a maximum uplink throughput rate of 2.2Gbp in the underground testing site of Malan Mine. The firms collaboratively installed the 5G uplink technology in the mine.

After this ground test, the mine has been titled as the first mine with the LampSite EE uplink-broadband capability across the Mainland. With the further 5G uplink gigabit applications for underground sites, there will be many breakthroughs like this.

About Malan Mine:

Malan Mine is a major state-owned coal mine built under the 65-Year Plan and 75-Year Plan now features 5G-based business innovation. It includes-

  • Fully mechanized mining profile
  • 5G HD camera transmission
  • Real-time camera monitoring

This 5G arrangement not only reduced the number of workers in the mine but also made them capable of remotely control the whole mine and deliver more efficient performance.

Huawei Shanxi Mobile collaboration

Test and Results:

This test is conducted with the help of multiple Massive MIMO devices that are distributed in 2:3 time slots based on LampSite EE uplink ultra-wideband.

The test result shows a peak uplink throughput of 2.2Gbps to support the 100 HD cameras each with 20Mbps in real-time. Overall, this underground site has been successfully achieved automated production and encouraging underground 5G digitalization.

Shanxi Mobile and Huawei collaboration:

The 5G Mine Solution Director at China Mobile Shanxi Branch- Xue Jun presented his gratitude for Huawei Massive MIMO 5G technology to help them in achieving this major breakthrough in Malan Mine. 5G is the core technology that can satisfy larger network capability for prompt remote control.

On the other hand, Huawei’s Indoor Digital Product Line President Chen Chuanfei also believes that the 5G network provides great help to the coal industry in achieving higher bandwidth, deterministic low latency, and higher security, and advanced underground communication network abilities.

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