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Huawei rollable-screen smartphone design has three different variants




Huawei applied for a patent entitled “An electronic device with a rolling display screen” on 31st January. The WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) approved this technology and released a 21-page document on August 5th.

According to letsgodigital, this design idea is inspired by the company’s patent filed in April last year. This patent shows a Huawei smartphone with a retractable screen arrangement made with magnets to extend the screen.

The retractable screen extends during pulling back to its position. As we can’t stop this because retractable displays are made for this but this problem can conquer with the help of the magnet. Two magnets are placed together so that the display is placed flat on the device, and it does not appear to be crumpled even when pulling out.

Huawei screen design patent

Moving ahead, these magnets are joined by the roller to maintain a gap to avoid friction. Adding to this, the patent abstract informed that these rolling screen smartphones will use the Plastic Organic Light-Emitting Diodes (POLED) in the display. The two components are likely to use-

  • Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)
  • Polyethylene Naphthalate (PEN)

This patent comes with a detailed explanation with the main objective of reducing the damage during retracting the display.

Unfolding Methods:

Most impressively, this patent has three unfolding methods for the device that can extend the device display. A user can extend a little bit screen, then more than half, or can drag the entire screen at once.

  • Compact Mode: It is the same as an average size smartphone with both side display
  • Extended Mode: Extending the device will reduce the rear side display so it can join the front, and provide a more spacious view
  • Fully Extended Mode: In the fully extended mode, the device screen can be identical to a tablet display with a 70% increase in compact mode. More precisely, an 6.5 inches phone can be extended up to 11 inches.

Smartphones are becoming the first priority in today’s ear with all new advanced features. But when it comes to the large screen we seek tablets and laptops. But this technology will surely help to reduce the need for large-screen devices. However, it’s still a patent, Huawei hasn’t announced anything related to the manufacturing of this rolling screen device.

Huawei screen design patent

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