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Wi-Fi Alliance and Bluetooth SIG also resumed Huawei’s membership



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Earlier today, we reported that Huawei has been relisted on SD Association, and now Wi-Fi Alliance and Bluetooth SIG has also resumed Huawei’s membership, which they previously have revoked.

Huawei rejoins SD Association after last week break

On May 29, Following SD Association, Wi-Fi Alliance and Bluetooth SIG all restored Huawei’s membership, with its brand name has reappeared on the official websites of these organizations.

Although the details of these listings are still unknown but it clearly indicates that Huawei can continue to participate in the relevant technical standards.

At the moment there’s no further confirmation from both WiFi and Bluetooth organization about reinstating of Huawei.

Moreover, if these organizations have to resume Huawei’s membership this quickly then why they removed the company from their members’ lists.

Last week all three of these organizations has revoked Huawei’s membership status, which means that Huawei may not develop its devices related to these technologies and standards.

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