Here’s why Huawei didn’t used 120Hz display on Huawei P40 series

Huawei P40 Pro

Huawei launched the P40 series on March 26, comprising of three variants with different specs. The company has installed various new hardware in these phones including the 90Hz display in the “Pro” and “Pro+” variants.

A higher refresh rate allows the display to refresh the screen content more dynamically. The difference for you would be smoother animations compared to a 60Hz panel. Gaming would also be a treat, particularly in fast-paced titles.

With the 90 Hz refresh rate, you can enjoy an immersive view over the entire fluid screen.

However, some of the consumers have been wondering that the current flagships in the market use 120Hz display and why not Huawei used it?

Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group, answered this question following the launch of Huawei P40 devices in China.

Richard said Huawei P40 Pro’s display naturally supports 120Hz display refresh rate but taking the fact that 120Hz display consumes high power and with added other aspects. This made Huawei decided to stay on a 90Hz screen for P40 Pro and P40 Pro+ and optimized for smooth animations.

Both phones also have options to switch between standard at 60Hz and 90Hz refresh rate accordingly.

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