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Kirin PC chip might use Taishan V130 architecture to match Apple M3 performance



A new input regarding the first Huawei Kirin PC indicates that the chip might run on the latest Taishan V130 architecture to match Apple’s M3 performance. The leak also highlights some other key components of the new computer-dedicated chipset.

Weibo tipster @FixedFocus predicted that the Huawei Kirin PC SoC (system on the chip) could adopt the latest Taishan V130 architecture for better performance.

Further details reveal that the chipset’s multi-core performance is close enough to Apple’s M3 processor. Note that M3 launched in late 2023 (October 30) and is the first 3nm chip from the American firm, designed for flagship laptops and desktops.

If true, the Kirin PC chipset will add a new performance efficiency to all upcoming Huawei notebooks. Although the latest input is still revolving in speculations and the company is yet to confirm these segments for its computer-based processor.

Kirin PC Taishan V130 performance

Huawei Kirin PC chip leak (Image Credits: Weibo)

Another interesting detail is, Huawei could make improvements to the design and overall architecture of the chip and might follow the strategy of the Pro/Max version for Kirin PC, just like the Apple M3. Thus we may find more new variants on board.

The tipster also mentioned that the Huawei Kirin PC will use a Mali-920 GPU paired with 32GB RAM and 2TB of storage. The GPU’s performance is equivalent to the M2 chip. Overall highlights of the chip are as follows:

Huawei Kirin PC chip:

  • Latest Taishan V130 architecture
  • Mali-920 GPU
  • 10-channel emission
  • 32GB RAM
  • 2TB internal storage

How far these components will fit with the real specifications might be clear by September this year. Till then, we only look forward to innovative Huawei products.

This year’s Kirin products are likely to be more powerful and proficient than their predecessors. With a better and firm architecture, Huawei aims to overcome all those challenges that prevent it from making advanced-level chips for its devices.

Kirin PC Taishan V130 performance

Huawei Kirin PC chip leak (Image Credits: Weibo)

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