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Upcoming Smart EVs will use Huawei HarmonyOS cockpit and CATL battery packs: Changan Automobile



Recently, Changan Auto, the Chinese partner of Huawei in the smart car field, announced on an interactive platform that Avita Technology is planning to launch 5 new smart EVs (Electric vehicles). These EVs will develop under the CNH project. However, these models will be on road in the next five years.

Adding to this, the company also stated that the forthcoming medium-sized electric SUV internally called E11 will be equipped with Huawei’s smart car technology. On the other hand, the battery technology will be installed by Contemporary Amperex Technology (CATL).

As it will be a new-generation smart car product series, expected to come with the Huawei HI car system, the most recent HarmonyOS based smart car cockpit, and other exclusive technology.

We have already seen the Huawei Technology in the previously launched vehicles including the ArcFox Alpha S Series with BAIC, Smart Selection SF5 with Cyrus, and the GAC Trumpchi with GAC Aian. Also, these automobiles received a huge response from the consumers.

On the other hand, the Lithium-Ion batteries manufactured from CATL are the leading technology in China and will help the EV to cope up with the tech race. As of now, the firm has been installed 3.7V50Ah NCM Lithium-Ion batteries in EVs.

Furthermore, Changan is planning to release approximately 26 new EV models, among them two models are likely to be rolled out within this year. Besides, this firm has declined the rumors about making automobile chips with Huawei, saying that the report was untrue. (Read More)


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