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Huawei again denied not to built or invest in any automobile company in the future



Over the past few months, it was rumored multiple times that Huawei is planning to step foot in the car manufacturing industry and will soon launch its own smart cars this year. This could be a new strategy of the Chinese tech giant to make money due to U.S sanctions.

Previously, regarding this matter, Xu Zhijun, Huawei’s rotating chairman publicly denied and said Huawei doesn’t build cars but helps automobile companies to build good cars.

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For more clearance, today, Huawei once again issued a statement related to the matter of manufacturing its own car.

“Huawei does not build cars. This long-term strategy has been clear since 2018, and nothing has changed,” said Huawei

Furthermore, Huawei mentioned that it has not invested in any automobile company yet. Also, it will not invest, control or participate in shares of other smart vehicle manufacturing companies in the future.

The rumors and news as well as discussion about Hauwei builds its own car or invest in an automobile company are false and should not be trusted, says the company.

In addition, Huawei mentioned some details on the cooperation of Huawei and Jinconceles that it is only a supplier of electric components for Cyrus SF5 and HiCar cockpit components.

Furthermore, Huawei is continuously patenting new innovations related to the smart car as well as developing new technologies, which can help the automobile companies to make good through ICT technology.

Making the car is not the only way to enter the car industry, Huawei is well acquainted with this fact. This is the reason behind that company wants to be recognized for its solid smart car technology.

(Source – ithome)

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