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Alpha T Huawei HI version smart car will launch soon: BAIC



On 19th May 2021, BAIC Blue Valley host a new round of media communication conferences, where the respective authorities talk about the working status and future plan of the company.

During the news conference, Wang Deng, Director of ArcFox Polar Market Research and Commercial Innovation Department announced that the new Alpha T Huawei HI version, which is jointly made with Huawei will be launched soon in the coming days.

This upcoming model will feature the next-level technology in terms of both- hardware and software. It will be a more comprehensive version than Alpha T and Alpha S and likely to feature a greater wheelbase than 2.9 meters with the B+ or C positioning.

On the other hand, BAIC’s new energy brand Jihu is planning to introduce two new A+ models by 2023. Among them, the first model is an SUV, while the second one is a Sedan. Adding to this, the company will cover the product series from A+ to B before 2023.

Apart from this Huawei HI ArcFox Alpha S model has reached more than 1,000 orders and will be deployed by the fourth quarter of this year in small batches. This news is informed by Wang Qiufeng, Vice-President of ARCFOX.

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