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Huawei ArcFox Alpha S Series Smart Car: Highlights, Specification and Price



The ArcFox Alpha S series, a fully electric car powered by Huawei technology was launched at the 2021 Shanghai International Auto show on 17th April.

This automotive vehicle lineup was jointly developed by Huawei and BAIC’s new energy brand Jihu. It’s the first collaboration between both companies and seems very successful.

The companies are also planning the mass production of this series. It’s likely to be launched within this year. So you may look forward to the end of this year, you’ll get to experience this high-end electric car.

Series Hierarchy:

The ArcFox Alpha Smart car series offers two models the regular Alpha S model and the Alpha S HI model. The regular models come with the basic features whereas the HI-supported models come with the smart Huawei ADS.


Both the models are further subdivided into two versions- the basic version and the high-end version. There is a slight difference in both versions, also they share many similarities.

So you can say the entire series includes four models.

Highlights of the models:

  • Fast charging technology
  • Hongmeng OS (HarmonyOS) based smart cockpit
  • Huawei Kirin 990A Chipset
  • Huawei ADS
  • Powerful Lidar system

Fast charging technology:

The lineup adopts fast charging technology developed by Huawei. The smart temperature-controlled lithium-ion battery pack will give you long-lasting battery capacity.

The battery support for 93.6kWh and the three alternatives of NEDC ( New European Driving Cycle), 525km, 603km, and 708km.

It takes 1.5 hours using  AC slow charging whereas 7 hours using 20kW AC slow charging to be fully charged.  A single charge of 10 minutes will increase the battery life by 197 kilometers.


In addition, Huawei’s DC fast charge can fully charge the vehicle in 15 minutes. It also supports wireless charging with an exceeded charging efficiency of 92%.

Hongmeng OS (HarmonyOS) based smart cockpit:

Unsurprisingly, the cockpit works on Huawei’s self-developed Hogmeng OS (HarmonyOS). The OS established the interactive ecosystem between the smartphone and the smart cockpit.

As of now, Huawei’s application number reached double digits in the cockpit system. In the future, the company will add more applications to the system.

The 20.3-inches 4K car screen takes from the driving position to the autopilot position, supports the multi-gesture operation, screen switching, and more.


In terms of key functions, the OS supported many Huawei exclusive features. The line includes-

  • Huawei’s smart car solution
  • Powerful camera system
  • Domain controllers
  • Voice interaction
  • Precise control algorithms

Without any doubt, the HarmonyOS is the most highlighted feature of the Alpha S models.

Huawei Kirin 990A Chipset:

The smart cockpit chipset is powered by Huawei Kirin 990A for high-stream computing power. It also supports the 5G network of strong network control.

The Alpha S HI basic version can reach up to 400 TOPs of computing power and the high-end version can generate computing power of 800 TOPs.

It’s noteworthy that this time Huawei uses Taishan architecture for an automobile chipset. Previously, it was used in making server chips.


Huawei ADS: 

Huawei ADS (Autonomous Driving Support) featured in the Alpha S HI versions. The three-level of ADS supports NCA mode, ICA+ mode, and ICA mode.

The NCA mode autopilot driving can realize point-to-point automatic driving through the preinstalled map in the car, which amazing itself.

The operation of Huawei ADS is also easy. The user only needs to enter the location and activate the cruise lever under the steering wheel. And the vehicle will give you a ride to your destination.

It’s noteworthy that the high precision map used in the system limited to some selected areas. They are covers-

  1. Beijing
  2. Shanghai
  3. Guangzhou
  4. Shenzhen

If you are disappointed that you won’t be able to experience Huawei ADS because of the limited locations, let me share with you a piece of good news. Huawei is planning to commercialize its high-precision map within this year.

It will soon open a new batch of first and second-tier cities to cover reaming major cities. (Read More)

Powerful Lidar system:

The Polar Fox Alpha S HI version features a powerful lidar system that is able to realize autonomous driving on urban roads. The system includes the following variants-

  1. Three lidar
  2. Six-millimeter wave radars
  3. Nine camera

Of course, the front cameras are the bright spot of the system, which used the changed binocular camera in the middle. It works the same as the human eye.

Pricing Details:

Regular Alpha S Model

  • Basic Version: 251,900 Yuan (around 38,800 USD)
  • High-end Version: 344,900 Yuan (around 53,100USD)

HI Supported Alpha S Model

  • Basic Version: 388,900 Yuan (around 59,900 USD)
  • High-end Version: 429,900 Yuan (around 66,200 USD)

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Huawei AITO follows Tesla, cuts price upto $4470




Aito m5

On January 13, Huawei powered Chinese car maker AITO announced a new price cut of upto 30000 yuan ($4,470) after American EV giant Tesla reduced the prices. This new price and services for new and existing customers will be applied from January 13, 2023, as a New Year’s Thanksgiving.

According to the price reduction details, AITO M5 EV rear-wheel drive standard version is 259,800 yuan, straight down 28,800 yuan ($4,172). While M5 EV four-wheel drive performance version is 289,800 yuan, down 30,000 yuan ($4,470).

After the price reduction, the price of the M5 EV is basically the same as that of the Tesla Model Y rear-drive version. The price of the M7 luxury version is basically the same as that of the Model Y with long battery life. It is obvious that it is a close match.

Unlike Tesla, AITO has plans for existing customers. Even the M5 extended range version that did not participate in the price reduction discount this time, the old users can also get 2 years of basic maintenance, and with the M5 EV and M7 participating in this discount, old users Users can get more compensation.


In addition, all existing models of AITO will undergo OTA upgrade in the near future, adding features such as a super home screen, smart car search, HUD height automatic adjustment, and more. There will also be new optimization coming to the smart travel experience of AITO.

Among them, all M5 EV users can get 33,000 yuan of rights and interests, including the first owner to verify the vehicle warranty to 8 years/160,000 kilometers (estimated 21,000 yuan), and 120,000 AITO points (worth 12,000 yuan).

Owners of M7 Comfort Edition and Deluxe Edition can obtain rights and interests worth 35,000 yuan, including the first owner’s verification of vehicle warranty up to 8 years/160,000 kilometers (estimated at 23,000 yuan), 120,000 AITO points (worth 12,000 yuan).

Owners of the M7 flagship version who have not lowered the price this time, and the first owner can also receive a welfare policy of 8 years/160,000 kilometers (estimated at 23,000 yuan) for the entire vehicle warranty.


After the official announcement, Huawei Yu Chengdong immediately posted a blog saying: AITO Wenjie delivered more than 75,000 vehicles last year. It is the fastest-growing new energy vehicle brand. Thank you for your support!

Aito m5

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BYD Tang SUV gets new Huawei HiCar features with OTA update



BYD Tang

BYD Tang is a big family car and the automaker I rolling out a big software update for this car system that installs various new features including brand-new functionalities for Huawei HiCar.

What is Huawei HiCar?

It is a Human-Car Family All-Scenario Smart Cross-device solution provided by Huawei Connect mobile devices and cars to create the best smart travel experience.

BYD DiLink x Huawei HiCar supports extremely simple wireless or wired connections. Only the first connection needs to enter the connection code. When connecting again, the system will automatically ask whether to connect, and the user only needs to click to confirm.


BYD DiLink x Huawei HiCari allows services and applications to flow freely between the car device and the smartphone. Enter the car, open the Huawei HiCar in DiLiink, and the corresponding feature widget will automatically pop up on the screen, and you can click the number to navigate to the destination.

Huawei HiCar update QQ music

Other than these, the update contains, DiTrainer coaching mode, which allows you to get advantages of the synchronization between the car and smartphones.

It also has a new radar distance digital display with a panoramic image interface 2D top view radar alarm area, which can digitally present the distance value of obstacles detected by radar.

There’s a new smart power on and off feature for a convenient on and off. HWA high-speed driving assist allows driving comfortably on single-lane with cruise control and LCA interaction lane change control.


There’s also new music rhythm atmosphere light and multi-scenario smart voice.

(via – ithome)

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Huawei XLight: A new smart car lighting solution




huawei xlight

Huawei is bringing new solutions for smart car makers and the company has introduced an important lighting solution, XLight for the smart car industry.

According to the information, the Huawei XLight solution enables important features and provides safety. This solution can automatically adjust diversified light patterns according to real road conditions, preset algorithm pixel-level brightness adjustment, and adapt to road mode switching.

Huawei XLight supports low-beam enhanced features for small roads in urban areas and remote villages to ensure brighter and detect obstacles more effectively.

huawei xlight

It has an adaptive high beam system ADB (Adaptive Driving Beam), and through the self-developed precise perception algorithm, it can provide accurate shading of people and vehicles. This also ensures that the high beam does not interfere with other traffic participants.


Huawei’s car lighting system customizes the car language interaction to make the car understand you better. The smart algorithm light blanket accurately fits the lane, and the anti-shake algorithm realizes high-quality projection.

The width-displaying light carpet displays a hint of the width line in front of the car to assist in driving in narrow lanes. The interactive light carpet can flash to express interactive intentions, effectively avoiding collisions in blind spots.

huawei xlight

This new smart car light system brings a mega pixel-accurate visual experience. It extends the third type of space outside the car and enhances the sense of consumer experience. Furthermore, there’s support for the customized welcome, including work mode, home mode, birthday party, and festival anniversaries, creating a sense of ritual in life.

Huawei said that the solution has three core highlights: ultimate shape, the high-definition field of view, and intelligent light control.


As compared to other options in the industry, Huawei XLight has the industry-leading advantage of small size. This brings flexibly adapted to more models, megapixels provide the ultimate experience with high-pixel, high-definition lighting.

Huawei’s self-developed image processing algorithm lane prediction fits, smart anti-shake, and dual-light fusion. With the top image processing algorithm, it provides more scene application value by independently controlling each pixel, building a human car, and a vehicle-to-vehicle interconnection.

huawei xlight

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