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These Huawei and Honor devices will not get EMUI 10.1 [List]



Later 2019, Huawei unveiled its latest smartphone software skin, EMUI 10 based on Android 10. This new software skin brings new changes to the user interface as well as new features such as the Dark Mode.

Some of the Huawei smartphones made their way to the Android 10 with EMUI 10 upgrade. However, others such as Honor Play, Huawei Nova 3, and 3i left untouched by this major update, which should have been upgraded.

Moving on, in March this year, Huawei launched a new version of EMUI 10, EMUI 10.1, with some additional features such as a new Always-on Display and other important user-friendly customizations.

However, the devices that have received this upgrade were limited compared to EMUI 10.0 and only a handful of Huawei and Honor smartphones got EMUI 10.1 OTA. But what about the other smartphones that didn’t receive the EMUI 10.1?


Although, Huawei is currently rolling out EMUI 11 for its older devices it’s important to talk about that the devices that didn’t make it this far amid all of their expectations.

So in this article, we’ll talk about the devices that are not eligible or yet to be waiting for an upgrade on EMUI 10.1.

One thing to know here, that a few of these devices have received EMUI 10.1 in China. However, it’s not confirmed what is taking so long for the company to send the same update to the global users.

Furthermore, devices such as Honor 9X Pro, which launched earlier this in the global market, has not yet received EMUI 10.1, which is really a big disappointment for its consumers.


Terms used:

Status Unconfirmed – These devices may receive EMUI 10.1

Not Eligible – Will not receive EMUI 10.1

Huawei and Honor Devices:

  1. Huawei Y9 Prime 2019 (Status unconfirmed)
  2. Honor 9X (Status unconfirmed)
  3. Honor 9X Pro (Status unconfirmed)
  4. Huawei P Smart 2019 (not eligible)
  5. Huawei P Smart+ 2019 (not eligible)
  6. Huawei P30 Lite (not eligible)
  7. Huawei Nova 4 (not eligible)
  8. Huawei Nova 4e (not eligible)
  9. Huawei Nova Lite 3 (not eligible)
  10. Huawei P20 (not eligible)
  11. Huawei P20 Pro (not eligible)
  12. Huawei Mate 10 (not eligible)
  13. Huawei Mate 10 Pro (not eligible)
  14. Huawei Mate 20 Lite (not eligible)
  15. Honor 10 Lite (not eligible)
  16. Honor 10 (not eligible)
  17. Honor 8X (not eligible)
  18. Honor View10 (not eligible)
  19. Honor 20 Lite/20i (not eligible)


  1. Status for some devices may change upon new inputs.
  2. More devices could be added later

EMUI 10.1

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EMUI 12 Tracker: Eligible Device, Features and Release Date




EMUI 12 tracker

Huawei has officially revealed all of the EMUI 12 features, inspired by new the HarmonyOS operating system for global users. This new EMUI version comes with a bunch of new features and improvements over EMUI 11 and provides a better user experience.

EMUI 12 features include:

  1. Minimalistic UI Design
  2. Motion Effects
  3. Font Weight
  4. Control Panel
  5. Notification Center
  6. Device+
  7. Distributed File System
  8. Better MeeTime
  9. More Performance
  10. Enhanced Security

Check the detailed EMUI 12 features here (Link)

EMUI 12 Eligible Devices:

Currently, we don’t have any information about the eligible devices for the Huawei EMUI 12 or the rollout roadmap. However, if the rollout appears, then it’ll first begin with the Huawei Mate 40 series, P40 series, Mate 30 series and expand forward.

Meanwhile, this EMUI 12 tracker will keep you posted with the latest news regarding EMUI 12.



EMUI 12 Latest News: Tracker

August 28, 2021:

  • Why Huawei has launched the latest EMUI version and why not rolling out HarmonyOS 2 for global users? Let’s find out more information on this report.

August 26, 2021:

  • Huawei released all of the EMUI 12 features, yet a rollout map is still awaited.

August 10, 2021:

  • We reported that the user interface of the EMUI 12 has HarmonyOS inspired user interface, which looks way better and intuitive compared to the EMUI 11 or previous-gen EMUI system.

August 5, 2021:

  • Huawei launched Huawei Nova 8 smartphone in Russia that comes with a pre-installed EMUI 12 software system. Still, the base of this new software remains unknown for the meantime but it’s exciting for the consumers.

June 27, 2021:

  • EMUI 12 appeared on the Huawei PC Manager app, the reference is ambiguous. However, the company later removed the reference from the app on July 27, 2021.
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Some Huawei EMUI 11 phones showing Google Play Protect error [sideload]



Huawei EMUI 11

Although Huawei and Google have never been in an official conflict but being a US-based firm, Google had to withdraw its software service support from the Huawei smartphone. Under these circumstances, the Chinese phone maker introduced HMS (Huawei Mobile Services) as an alternative for the GMS (Google Mobile Services) for the users.

Yet, this is a temporary solution as the global users still rely on EMUI system software, a custom software skin of Google’s open-source mobile operating system – Android. But now seems that the leading internet service provider wants to completely block the Chinese users and smartphone from accessing the GSpace.

To be mentioned, the users of Huawei branded phones have discovered various alternative ways to use the GMS as undoubtedly it’s a big service platform with a massive userbase. On this matter, recent news discloses the users accessing GMS on Huawei EMUI 11 phones encountering Google Play Protect errors.

It’s well known that Huawei phones before the Huawei P30 series cannot access GMS app due to the lack of a Google Play Protect certificate. Therefore, Huawei phone users on EMUI 10.1 or EMUI 11 have to sideload these apps via different third-party solutions that aren’t safe but the consumers, most of the time, get success to port Google apps on the corresponding phones.


Before going into a deep discussion, let first know about this Google error.

Google Play Protect Error:

It’s a kind of scanning program to detect the application being installed on Android phones. It ensures devices’ safety by alerting the users against harmful apps and sometimes also removes them. If an app shows the play protected errors means, that has some potential to harm the device or breach the software policy.

Huawei Play Protect errors

Coming back to the topic, it’s not the first time when a Huawei EMUI 11 device is showing such an issue because it’s not an officially certified Google Android certified device or software.

Most interestingly, this is not a universal case, because other phones running on EMUI 10 such as Huawei Mate 30 Pro aren’t displaying this error and running fine, after sideloading G apps. On the other hand, users can still block the notifications using the IceBox or can use a Hybrid GMS from the Huawei AppGallery.


(Source: HuaweiCommunity)

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Huawei EMUI October 2021 Updates List



October 2021 EMUI updates List

Huawei released the October 2021 EMUI security patch details ahead of time and the company has also confirmed the devices that will participate under the October 2021 EMUI security updates rollout program.

We know that Huawei has skipped the August security patch rollout for some of the Huawei devices, instead, the Chinese tech maker decided to put a send button in September for different models and in various markets around the globe.

But the biggest concern is that “whether and when Huawei will send a new major update to the global consumers?” In our view, it’s a pretty legit question and remained unexplored up until now. However, we may witness, the launch of HarmonyOS 3.0 at the Huawei Developer Conference 2021 alongside HarmonyOS 3.0.

Meanwhile, the security and software improvements update rollout continues to expand and there are a lot of new devices that are ready in line to receive their share of the software update.


Here, via this EMUI October 2021 updates List, you can access all of the rollout updates and their briefing that rolling out in the month of October 2021.

October 2021 EMUI updates List

Huawei EMUI October 2021 updates:

October 9, 2021:

  • Huawei Watch Fit New firmware update rolling out with version upgrading from This update also adds new Skipping Rope feature and optimizations for the system for improving system performance.

October 3, 2021:

  1. Huawei Enjoy 20 Plus 5G, Enjoy 20 Pro, Enjoy Z 5G, and Maimang 9 5G receiving HarmonyOS 2.0 version
  2. Huawei Maimang 8 and Enjoy 9S getting new software with HarmonyOS 2.0 version This update brings important improvements for the system stability to improve the overall user experience and performance.

October 2021 Security Patch:

October 2021 EMUI security patch brings 46 fixes address by Google and 56 fixes address by the manufacturer Huawei. However, the company is still sending the September 2021 security release note to different regions.

Besides, this Chinese phone maker also published the HarmonyOS security patch details for September 2021. At the same time, it also started to roll out this update for various devices on HarmonyOS 2.0 by the start of this month.

October 2021 security patch fixes a total of 46 CVE, among them, there’s one critical level, 27 are of high level, and 2 medium level CVE fixes. In addition, 16 CVEs were already included in previously released fixes.

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