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Huawei FreeClip gets HarmonyOS 4.2 with new ‘volume gestures’ feature



Huawei FreeClip HarmonyOS 4.2

Huawei FreeClip is receiving the new HarmonyOS 4.2 software upgrade with a useful ‘volume gestures’ feature. From the name, the effective addition enables users to adjust the volume on the earbuds via simple gestures, without unlocking their phone.

The company is currently rolling out the update in China to limited users but will soon initiate a broader rollout. By that time, let’s explore the latest software changelog.

FreeClip earbuds receive the new Huawei HarmonyOS 4.2 firmware via the version. Users need to download a software package of 3.52 Megabytes to install the newest update on their device. Ensure to use a stable internet connection.

HarmonyOS 4.2 upgrade brings a brand new volume gestures feature that allows you to increase or decrease the sound without entering your smartphone. Another add-on is the Bluetooth improvements regarding connection stability.

Note that the Volume Gestures feature is currently in the testing phase and may not work properly at the initial point. Hence make sure that all the apps in your Huawei phone are running on their latest version before proceeding with the installation.

You can check the Volume Gestures feature below.

Huawei FreeClip HarmonyOS 4.2

Huawei FreeClip receives HarmonyOS 4.2 update (Image Credits: Huawei)

How does the Volume Gestures feature work?

After installing the update, you need to turn on the feature as it remains disabled by default. On your Huawei smartphone or tablet, open the AI Life app and:

  • Go to the Earbuds section
  • Select the Experimental Section
  • Click on the ‘Adjust Volume’ option
  • Tap and hold the ball or bean of the earbud to adjust the volume

Once enabled, long-press the earphones until you hear the ‘beep’ sound. Hereafter, adjust the volume by holding the listening ball to increase the volume and tapping or holding the bean to decrease it. It can support up to three levels of sound at a time.

If you want to continue to increase or decrease the volume even after the three levels, wait for about 2 seconds and then repeat the above process. If the gestures do not respond, increase the force on the earbuds.

Huawei FreeClip HarmonyOS 4.2

Huawei FreeClip gets a volume gestures feature (Image Credits: Huawei)

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