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Huawei shares key features of Qiankun audio and XHUD-AR smart car solutions



Huawei Qiankun audio XHUD-AR features

Huawei is now describing some significant features of the newest smart car solutions – Qiankun Audio and XHUD-AR. Both technologies play a vital role in uplifting the driving experience for users, under better safety and reliability aspects.

During the Beijing Auto Show 2024, the Chinese tech giant unveiled its self-developed Qiankun software brand for smart car solutions. As of now, Huawei has quoted key features of two interesting techs – Qiankun Audio and XHUD-AR on board.

Let’s learn about them one by one.

Qiankun Audio:

The respective solution is available in three versions: Active, Excellence, and Extraordinary. The Active (Vitality) variant consists of a 15-speaker 1000W amplifier. It is also capable of spatial audio and smart sound effects.

Excellence series contains a 23-speaker 2080W amplifier and can deliver AI spatial sound as well as the smart sound field. The ultimate solution is the first car audio to obtain an S-class rating. Extraordinary bears a 33-speaker 3000W power amplifier with free sound zones and smart sound fields.

Huawei Qiankun audio XHUD-AR features

Huawei Qiankun audio features (Image Credits: ITHome)


  • Smart sound quality and supports animation, AI spatial, and super bass. It has a small size and low dive.
  • All-round ANC feature with independent sound zones for front and rear rows.
  • Supports AI sound and light sync for the ambient light field.
  • Supports adaptive recognition of dynamic objects via AI audio and video analysis feature
  • AI spatial sound reshaping supports the remixing of audio
  • Qiankun Audio turbine supports 20Hz low-frequency dive and is only 5L in size.

Qiankun Audio’s All-round ANC feature has precise sensing parameters and supports real-time noise reduction by 9dBA. It can easily isolate the sound energy by 99.8%. The solution can adapt to melody, vocals, and even lyrics with several lighting effect modes.

Huawei has also implemented some amazing fragrances like fresh, floral, woody, and marine. Users can also use the 256 color palette and give a new atmosphere to their car.

Huawei Qiankun audio XHUD-AR features

Huawei Qiankun audio features (Image Credits: ITHome)


It is generally a composition engine and refers to the head-up display system. The solution supports multi-dimensional coordinate conversion, virtual and real space combination algorithms, virtual image and real scenarios fitting, real-time rendering, and more.

Three main features:

  • Accuracy: The AR navigation possesses accurate direction and targets in the real world, regardless of the car head swings.
  • Stability: The anti-shake feature helps keep the car stable and filters 95%+ AR icon offset caused by jerks.
  • Advance Strategy: The solution supports prediction and real-time adjustment of AR icon positions to fit them precisely.

Qiankun XHUD-AR also helps drivers with night driving reminders for blind spots and front-coming vehicles for safety. It also has capabilities like auto-vehicle merge prompts, traffic light deceleration, and braking alerts.

Huawei Qiankun XHUD-AR features (Image Credits: ITHome)

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