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Huawei unveils new software brand ‘Qiankun’ for smart driving solutions



Huawei Qiankun brand smart driving

Huawei has launched a new software brand for smart driving – Qiankun. The company introduced the respective technology at the Beijing Auto Show 2024 event. With this initiative, the OEM aims to become the best performer in the EV franchise.

Qiankun brand is made up of two words – Qian + kun. The former refers to heaven while the latter means Kunlun Mountains. With this name, the new brand symbolizes new heights to lead the industry and deepened roots to master core techs.

The CEO of Huawei Intelligent Automotive Solution (IAS) business group says that the Qiankun brand plans to offer smart driving systems including the driving chassis, audio, and driver’s seat, and other essential parts of a luxurious electric vehicle.

Other major components involved in the solution are chips, car cloud, hardware, software, cloud services, smart driving, car control, and HarmonyOS smart cockpit.

He further says that this year will be the beginning of large-scale smart driving promotion. The Chinese firm is expected to see a huge number of EVs imposed with the newly launched smart driving solution. Here’s what the CEO said during the event:

“2024 will be the first year for mass commercialization of smart driving and the cumulative number of cars on the road equipped with the Huawei self-driving system will top 500,000 by the year-end.”

Huawei Qiankun brand smart driving

Huawei launches Qiankun brand (Image Credits: Huawei)

Jin adds to see at least 10 car models this year running on the Qiankun system in the Chinese automobile market. During the same event, the tech maker introduced a bunch of Qiankun solutions like ADS 3.0, XMOTION 2.0, and more.

Qiankun ADS 3.0

The new automated driving system adopts an upgraded structure and is equipped with a variety of new capabilities like anti-collision, remote parking, and more.

Qiankun XHUD 2.0

Augmented reality head-up display system now has a self-developed car-grade LCoS chip, imaging module, and an AR composition engine that subverts the visual experience in smart vehicles. The seld-reliant imaging module enables the respective solution to offer the highest brightness of 15000nit and contrast ratio of 2500:1.

It provides a clear image even in strong sunlight or dark fields. Thus, light conditions won’t affect the visual experience of customers with the help of XHUD 2.0.

AR-based features like composition engine and navigation ensure safety on the road. It marks the target tiles, bump sections, and roadside marks accurately.

Huawei launches Qiankun XHUD 2.0 (Image Credits: Huawei)

Qiankun XPIXEL

Next is the XPIXEL functionality, which is a smart car light module. It has a high-precision ADB mechanism that blocks high beams coming to the car, without disturbing or distracting people. After a perfect upgrade, this feature also supports safety lighting, smart interaction, and personalization.

It supports 1.3 million pixels, a luminous flux of up to 2000lm, and a FOV viewing angle of 18 x 9 degrees. The car light can also provide rich scenes via a wide light blanket, making users drive safer on narrow roads. It also lets you use DIY projection and outdoor KTV.

Huawei launches Qiankun XPIXEL (Image Credits: Huawei)

Qiankun XSCENE

XSCENE refers to a big light screen also known as a “private theater installed in the car”. It offers a large format, immersion, anti-motion sickness, and alleviation of visual fatigue. Thus you can easily watch your favorite movie inside the car itself.

The solution can achieve a 40-inch ultra-large format, breaking space limitations in the car. It also possesses 3-meter long-distance imaging to reduce visual fatigue. Finally, the 90PPD super-retina resolution makes the image quality clear and delicate.

XSCENE has three different entry modes so that users can use it as per the car model or their requirements.

Huawei Qiankun brand smart driving

Huawei launches Qiankun XSCENE (Image Credits: Huawei)

Qiankun XMOTION 2.0

Just like its name, the XMOTION 2.0 solution targets body motion control and makes the driving experience safer, easier, and much more comfortable.

It consists of tire puncture stability control that can support 120km/h, eliminating the risk of tire puncture when driving or turning at high speeds. The solution can further manage complex road conditions. It has a waltz U-turn feature to reduce the turning diameter by 30%.

Huawei Qiankun brand smart driving

Huawei launches Qiankun XMOTION 2.0 (Image Credits: Huawei)

Next-gen HarmonyOS cockpit

The new-gen HarmonyOS cockpit has a Pangu large model, MindS pore Yisi computing, and an AI basic hardware platform, bringing a 200+ apps ecosystem in cars. It is connected with Celia Voice and supports one-stop communication, cross-device scheduling, and more.

Huawei has used the Qiankun Audio Ultimate feature for improved sound quality, AI spatial audio features, and more.

Huawei launches Qiankun HarmonyOS cockpit (Image Credits: Huawei)

Other solutions include:

  • iDVP 2.0:¬†Smart car digital platform that works as a five-in-one car control module.
  • Large Model Yunque: It can provide a full-process of automatic smart diagnosis functions for vehicles.
  • Cloud Service 3.0: It offers a full life-cycle experiences and services. Digital Key Cloud Service 3.0 is the first phone key tech in China to feature Nearlink.
Huawei Qiankun brand smart driving

Huawei launches Qiankun Cloud Service (Image Credits: Huawei)

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