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HBT will launch new smart cars equipped with Huawei solutions: BAIC



Huawei’s smart car solution featured in the BAIC new energy brand- ARCFOX Alpha S models are hitting the market after the launch ceremony.

The models are popular for the fast charging technology and Huawei exclusive features such as Huawei ADS (Autonomous driving solutions), Kirin 990A chipset, and more.

This is the first time when the companies collaborated together. It seems that both firms will continue their collaboration.

According to the latest news, BAIC Blue Valley announced on the social media platform that in the coming days HBT will launch new variants with more advanced Huawei solutions.

These on processing advanced changes will install more smart driving solutions. This change includes a smart cockpit, electric system, network connection, and car cloud.

As reported, HBT models will feature the enhanced three-lidar carrying system including the 6 millimeter-wave radars, 12 cameras, and 13 ultrasonic radars, and a Huawei process able to process 352TOPs computing power.

While the newly launched series adopts the 9 radars and 9 camera setup. the mechanism is good enough to process computing power up to 400TOPs.


To be mentioned, ARCFOX Alpha S Series launched on the 17th of April at the Shanghai Auto Show. The lineup is divided into two models further subdivided into two basic and high-end versions.

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Mass production of this model is in process, which is likely to be launch within this year. As for now, the regular variant starts with 251, 900 Yuan (about 38,792 USD) while the basic HI autonomous supported variant starts with 388,900 Yuan (about 59,89o USD).


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Huawei Auto chief explains logo removal from car brands




Huawei Consumer Business Group CEO, Yu Chengdong

Recently, media and netizens took strong note of Huawei branding with several car makers in China. Afterward, the company started the removal of the Huawei Logo, which is now explained by the Huawei smart car business chief.

At the 2023 China Electric Vehicle 100 Forum, Yu Chengdong, executive director of Huawei, CEO of Smart Device BG, and CEO of Smart Car Solution BU, responded to the issue of “removing all Huawei logos from car brands”.

Yu Chengdong explained that this year, the Huawei car partner companies are upgrading to high-level autonomous driving.

If each car has an independent brand, it will be very difficult in terms of marketing. That’s why, Huawei hopes to indulge in ecosystem brands and common elements that reflect the same rhythm.

“Originally we hoped to use Wenjie as a cross-border cooperation brand and added ‘Huawei’ in front of it, but in the past two days, the company issued another regulation to remove ‘Huawei’, which caused a lot of speculation in the media,” said Yu Chengdong.

He further elaborated that Huawei has always insisted not to build cars, but to help car companies build good cars together.

“We have always adhered to this concept.” said Yu

The reason why it is called Huawei Wenjie is to become an ecological brand. It’s to prevent confusion among consumers.

Also, now the branding is produced by SERES and soon Chery, BAIC, and JAC will also produce cars with Huawei’s complete set of solutions.

To explain more, Yu said, If these car brands start to sell and use different logos. It will become very complicated for Huawei to do marketing, service, and retail, and the investment cost will be high.

Interestingly, Yu Chengdong also shared that there is a difference in opinion among Huawei leaders. So the management issued a document to separate ‘Huawei’ from car brands. However, the relationship with partners remains unchanged.

The Huawei smart car chief concluded his speech by saying that some make SUVs, some make sedans, some make MPVs, some make B+ class cars, some make C-class cars, and some make D-class cars.

The products produced by each car company do not overlap. Huawei hopes that they can be combined to become a complete solution in a car series. We will make full use of the production capacity and resources of the car firm and will not waste resources repeatedly, and play a role together.

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Here are all HarmonyOS 3 features for cars



Huawei car business

Yu Chengdong, Executive Director of Huawei, CEO of Terminal BG, and CEO of Smart Car Solution BU announced the HarmonyOS 3 features rollout for all of the AITO cars.

HarmonyOS 3 for smart cars will bring a new experience with the addition of seven new features. These include a super home screen, PC dual-screen collaboration, smart car search, owner privacy mode, HUD height adaptive adjustment, time wallpaper, and a good helper for smart travel.

Let’s check the HarmonyOS 3 features for cars below.

1. Super Home Screen:

The super home screen can enable smartphone apps directly on the infotainment system. Let the smartphone application become a part of the car’s smart screen and break the ecosystem barrier.

2. Dual-screen collaboration:

The dual-screen collaboration can edit pictures while sharing happiness with friends, which is more efficient and convenient. When you edit small videos in the car to post on social media accounts or modify PPT schemes, the large screen of the car is your good helper.

The new dual-screen collaboration feature allows you to use the cockpit to work while commuting. The car screen supports multi-screen collaboration with PC computers, screen mirroring, and expansion. It also supports keyboard and mouse sharing.

This feature makes it easy and convenient to cast screens during meetings, multi-tasking collaboration, photo editing, and editing, and more directly inside the car.

3. Smart Search:

Turn on the “Smart Car Search” feature while parking and the car will take photos to record the parking location and floor information and automatically send it to your AITO car App.

If looking for a car, you can use the “AITO App” in the “Car” section and then tap on the “Location” interface. Click to use “use smart car search” and you can easily find your car according to the photo information.

4. Master driving privacy mode:

When you turn on the privacy mode of the main driver in the car and a call is connected. The incoming call will only be displayed on the instrument screen, which can protect your privacy without appearing embarrassing.

After enabling the privacy mode of the main driver with one key push, if there are passengers in the car, it will automatically hide personal sensitive information (such as historical call records of the main driver, historical navigation record information, and more).

It will not be displayed on the screen of the car and the privacy protection “Celia” will help you.

5. HUD’s adaptive adjustment:

The camera will actively identify the position of the user’s eyes. During driving, the HUD will quickly adjust to the optimal height according to the real-time position of the eyes. So important driving information such as speed and navigation will be projected on the main driver. On the front windshield, it is clear at a glance, making travel safer and more at ease.

6. Time wallpaper:

Now, there are two sets of time wallpapers preset in the car, which change with time, and accompany you to spend every wonderful day.

7. Improved Celia:

“Celia” makes travel life better. It supports 5 smart scenes: Starting to work, returning home after work, taking a rest and going out on a day trip, opening the door and lowering the volume, and reminding you to get off the car.


  • When upgrading, please park the vehicle on the Pingfu (Philippine uphill/downhill) road section, close all entertainment and audio-visual applications in the car, and ensure the vehicle network signal is good and the battery level is higher than 15%.
  • During the upgrade process, the vehicle may turn off the screen, turn on the running lights, briefly prompt the fault light on the instrument panel, and more, which are all normal phenomena. Please do not perform human intervention or drive the vehicle power off after the upgrade is complete.
  • After the upgrade is completed, if the instrument panel prompts that the mileage or tire pressure is abnormal.

HarmonyOS 3 car features

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Huawei is still a strategic partner: Chairman of GAC Group




Huawei GAC SUV Car

Recently, a notification of cooperation between Huawei and GAC has gathered extra attention from many peoples online. However, the carmakers said that Huawei is still a strategic partner with GAC motors.

At the 2022 performance conference of GAC Group, Zeng Qinghong, chairman of GAC Group explained the transformation of the cooperation model with Huawei. He said Huawei is still a strategic partner of GAC Group, and the projects between the two parties are still advancing.

A report previously mentioned that GAC Group planned to jointly develop and release new brands with Huawei in 2025.

As currently, GAC has two new brands – Aian and Haobo. It is necessary to launch a new brand, so after friendly consultations with GAC and Huawei, it was decided to transform Huawei into a strategic partner supplier through complementary advantages.

On this matter, the general manager of GAC Group, Feng Xingya said both parties are cooperating in many fields even before the Aian AH8 project.

He mentioned that changing from joint development to independent development does not mean that the cooperation with Huawei has ended.

“Huawei is still an important strategic partner of GAC.” said Feng.

There are changes between the beginning of the establishment of the enterprise project and the current reality.

GAC made the above choice out of flexibility considerations. At the same time, GAC is also insisting on the advanced pursuit of brand tonality.

You should know that, GAC Aian and Huawei cooperating on the AH8 model project since 2021. The two companies building a new generation of smart car digital platforms based on the GAC GEP3.0 chassis platform and Huawei CCA (computing and communication architecture), equipped with Huawei HI full-stack intelligence Car solutions.

It has a joint definition and joint development, jointly creating a series of smart cars for the future, the first model is a medium and large pure electric SUV.

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