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Huawei patents Wireless Charging for long distance, which is super cool



In the terms of technology, Huawei owns the most. Still, this Chinese tech giant has been continually exploring new technologies in various fields including the automotive industry, Smart home, smartphones technology, and more.

In this sequence, Huawei made public one more patent under the “Long-distance Wireless Charging Transmitting System” title, presents new wireless charging capabilities, which seems very cool.

As per the latest information coming from the Chinese patent office, the company has applied for this patent on 20th April last year with the publication number CN112689938A.

This technology will be used in the long-distance wireless charging transmitting system, which will be used to charge the receiver wirelessly.

We can observe from the abstract, that this long-distance wireless charging transmitter mechanism contains a transmitting module, a radio frequency conversion unit, a processing unit, and the transmitter antenna.

Currently, the Huawei Mate 40 series supports 50W wireless charging and is used with Huawei’s super-fast charging wireless charger (Max 50 W).

It will produce complex signals containing the control signal and power signal. Later, the complex signals received by the Y-RF conversion unit. The above-mentioned unit’s individual works-

Control signal: It controls the working state of the receiving end.

Power signal: It charges the receiving end.

Y-RF conversion unit: It transforms the complex signal into the radio frequency signal. After that, it’s to the transmitting end antenna

Transmitting antenna: This is the uttermost working module ad handles a lot of work. Its working tasks include-

  • Transmission of radio frequency signal corresponding to the composite signal.
  • Realization of wireless charging and control functions in receiving end using complex signal transmission route.
  • Simplifies the internal hardware structure and reduces the cost of the transmission mechanism.

This long-distance wireless charging transmitting system is surely something to look forward to. It’s going to be interesting to see that, what technology can Huawei come up with this time.


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