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Cyrus Huawei Smart Selection SF5: Top Features, Specifications, and Price



On 19th April 2021, Huawei has officially launched the Cyrus Huawei Smart Selection SF5 fully electric car. This smart vehicle can reach 180 kilometers drive to meet daily requirements.

From April 20, Huawei opens its flagship stores and put Cyrus Huawei Smart car on display. However, its sale will start in early May with starting price of 216,800 Yuan.

Check the top Features, specifications, availability, and price here.

Top Features:

  • Huawei DriveONE
  • Dual-Motor Four-Wheel drive
  • High Strength Fram Design
  • Huawei HiCar
  • Huawei Sound

Let’s take a closer look at the specifications:


Huawei DriveONE:

Huawei DiveONE electric drive system is greatly improved for daily commuting and comfortable traveling. This three-in-one electric drive system composed of a motor controller, motor, and reducer.

It is able to provide a pure electric battery life of up to 180 km for daily needs and more than 1000 kilometers of long-distance traveling. It connects with the rear-drive, delivers high performance with low power consumption.

Dual-Motor-Four-Wheel drive:

This powerful four-deice system can achieve a total power of 405 kW with a peak torque force of 820 N.m. You will get a comfortable traveling experience with SPE 200 asynchronous AC motor.

The front and rear motors used in the driving system are smartly distributed. The whole mechanism is good enough to keep up with your extreme driving.


You can achieve 4.68 seconds per 100 kilometers acceleration speed. This astonishing combination of man and technology will ensure you total control. Whether it is acceleration, braking, cornering, and other scenes are all in control.

High Strength Fram Design:

The elegant body curves and the shaft design not only give this vehicle a premium look but concerns your safety also. SF5 adopts multiple thermal bodies formed high strength steel. It is tolerable enough for heat up to 1250 Mpa and tensile strength up to 1500 Mpa.

This automobile is gone through more than a hundred quality verification tastes under various working conditions.

Huawei HiCar: 

As this is a smart vehicle, it comes with Huawei HiCar function. This establishes the smart interconnection between the user, vehicle, and homes. Your smartphone will connect with the smart cockpit within seconds. This wireless connection connects through Bluetooth and Wifi. You can easily take over the control and focuses on your drive.


Huawei Sound:

The use of 11 audio units in the car will let you take the experience of cinematic sound effects. Huawei’s audio technology used in this car assures the low frequency and powerful rhythms, feel like the live experience.

Color Variants:

Exterior Design Color

  1. Zhan Hailan
  2. Gilt Black
  3. Titanium Silver Gray
  4. Peral White

Interior Design Color:

  1. Ivory
  2. Bird feather Red
  3. Polar Night Black

Price Lists:

  • The two-wheel-drive version is priced at 216,800 yuan.
  • The four-wheel-drive version is priced at 246,800 Yuan.

Huawei consumers can experience Cyrus Huawei Smart Selection SF5 in Huawei flagship stores, and experience stores. The list is mentioned below-


  1. Huawei Global Flagship Store: Nanjing East Road, Shanghai
  2. Huawei Global Flagship Store: Chengdu Vientiane City
  3. Huawei Smart Life Pavilion: Shenzhen Bonjour Center


  1. Huawei Smart Life Pavilion: Shanghai Aegean
  2. Huawei Smart Life Pavilion: Hangzhou Huanglong Vanke
  3. Huawei Global Flagship Store: Shenzhen Vientiane World
  4. Huawei Shenzhen Tianan Cloud Valley Store

To be mentioned, Huawei has more than 60,000 retail locations across the globe. Among them, 12 are major flagship stores, and about 5,000 plus experience stores with 80 million worldwide registered users.



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New Huawei HiCar update brings super home screen



Huawei HiCar update QQ music

Huawei HiCar is receiving a new update that brings support to the QQ Music service. On the other hand, the update also adds the super home screen feature and a bunch of elements to enhance the overall experience for users.

For your information, Huawei HiCar is a seamless solution that allows users to switch between smartphone and car applications accordingly. For instance, you can manage and operate music, check map locations, and more without diving into your phone.

Earlier this week, Huawei announced upgrading its HiCar solution with new and efficient tech features. It seems like the company has begun seeding the software update to bring smart facilities for consumers.

In the latest edition, the Chinese manufacturer has pushed off a new update for Huawei HiCar which supports QQ Music services. Users can effectively stream popular songs and hit playlists using the QQ Music platform.


Addition of Super Home Screen

On the flip side, the update also adds the super home screen on the surface with dynamic smart widgets. These widgets are also capable of displaying the lyrics of a song on the screen.

Furthermore, the update provides a voice assistant function (voice adopter) to the HiCar solution. The respective function supports non-stop dialogues and depicts, and can reliably work on users’ commands.

Next, the firmware brings a fresh and updated version of the Gaode Map application. The 12.02.xx version enhances the navigation features of the maps and optimizes location-finding and searching operations.

Eventually, with this update, the Huawei HiCar solution will offer an easy and convenient interconnection to users. Besides, you can enjoy stable wireless connectivity between your smartphone and smart car after this update.


As of now, there are a limited number of features. But we could find more new tweaks and tugs in the time ahead. Till then, you can enjoy the mentioned function in your car with the Huawei HiCar solution.

Huawei HiCar update QQ music


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Huawei and BAIC developing new smart cars, could launch in 2024



BAIC Blue Valley Huawei SUV

Huawei and BAIC are jointly working on new smart cars that may launch by 2024. However, the latest development involves some new pinches and twists that will change the entire automation of smart vehicles.

According to the latest information, BAIC automobile company will follow Huawei’s smart selection mode for vehicles. A good example of this mode is AITO smart cars. Thereafter, it will sell these intelligent vehicles in Huawei Stores.

Further, the new smart cars will use the old Jihu platform as their base systems. But its logo will not be in use anymore. For your information, Jihu is the first car brand of BAIC equipped with Huawei HI solution.

As usual, Huawei will provide smart car solutions such as intelligent control systems, HarmonyOS smart cockpit, and more to the new BAIC smart cars and could launch them by early 2024 in its official stores.


Why a sudden change in car development?

So far, BAIC cooperation used to build cars while Huawei offers smart solutions for better performance. Both cooperations unveiled the Jihu Alpha S HI automobile in 2021 with a new HI solution.

However, the respective solution didn’t prove useful for the car. Moreover, the Alpha S HI sale also failed to meet expectations. Hence, both parties decided to revamp the development process for their smart cars.

In the latest edition, BAIC is planning to build its vehicles under Huawei smart selection mode. Eventually, this will help to improve the casting, layout, as well as performance efficiency of the smart vehicles.

On the other hand, BAIC will sell its new smart cars in official Huawei stores to maintain the marketing strategy for its products. As a result, the overall changes could enhance the growth of BAIC smart cars in the market.


For the moment, the Huawei-BAIC project is at the approval stage. It would be worth seeing what the Chinese tech maker will implement in the upcoming smart vehicles.


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Huawei HiCar is upgrading with new features




Huawei HiCare 10 million

Huawei has officially announced that HiCar will upgrade with new technological features to improve user experience. These include new dark and light modes as well as shake-to-share capability.

According to the information, the new Huawei HiCar features now include an adaptive home screen mode, which can smartly adjust the mode according to the sunrise and sunset of the local time of the device for better visuals. Such change in visual refers to the dark and light theme of the entire user interface.

that’s not it, there is a new capability called shake to share, which will allow you to share the phone’s navigation details such as route transfer to the car’s smart screen’s large display. The latest feature will seed via software update.

huawei hicar new features


HiCar is Huawei’s self-developed smartphone and car feature, similar to Apple’s CarPlay features. Previously, it has supported BYD’s DiLink in-vehicle system.


Huawei HiCar Smart Connection solution. It has the following features:

Overall, Huawei HiCar connectivity offers a total of seven main technologies, including:

  • Instant connectivity: when entering the car, a smartphone connects automatically without requiring activation.
  • One-click navigation: like a smartphone toolbar, the interface is simpler and faster to use than with previous navigation systems.
  • Home control: users can remotely control their home from the car’s screen, syncing several smart devices in one application.
  • Fatigue monitoring: using artificial intelligence, abnormal driver behavior can be detected with the help of an instrument panel-mounted camera and a heart rate sensor on a watch or wristband.
  • Gesture recognition: specific hand gestures can be used to adjust the volume, change songs or manage phone calls.
  • Video calls: manage video calls using the vehicle’s screen, microphone, and speakers along with a smartphone’s 5G network connection.
  • Application sharing: share a smartphone’s feature-rich Android application ecosystem with the vehicle’s infotainment system, creating a seamless user experience and connectivity inside and outside the car.

If you want to read more about HiCare then do visit the linked article below.

Huawei HiCar vehicles exceeds 10 million counts and more to launch


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