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Cyrus Huawei Smart Selection SF5: Top Features, Specifications, and Price



On 19th April 2021, Huawei has officially launched the Cyrus Huawei Smart Selection SF5 fully electric car. This smart vehicle can reach 180 kilometers drive to meet daily requirements.

From April 20, Huawei opens its flagship stores and put Cyrus Huawei Smart car on display. However, its sale will start in early May with starting price of 216,800 Yuan.

Check the top Features, specifications, availability, and price here.


Top Features:

  • Huawei DriveONE
  • Dual-Motor Four-Wheel drive
  • High Strength Fram Design
  • Huawei HiCar
  • Huawei Sound

Let’s take a closer look at the specifications:

Huawei DriveONE:

Huawei DiveONE electric drive system is greatly improved for daily commuting and comfortable traveling. This three-in-one electric drive system composed of a motor controller, motor, and reducer.

It is able to provide a pure electric battery life of up to 180 km for daily needs and more than 1000 kilometers of long-distance traveling. It connects with the rear-drive, delivers high performance with low power consumption.


Dual-Motor-Four-Wheel drive:

This powerful four-deice system can achieve a total power of 405 kW with a peak torque force of 820 N.m. You will get a comfortable traveling experience with SPE 200 asynchronous AC motor.

The front and rear motors used in the driving system are smartly distributed. The whole mechanism is good enough to keep up with your extreme driving.

You can achieve 4.68 seconds per 100 kilometers acceleration speed. This astonishing combination of man and technology will ensure you total control. Whether it is acceleration, braking, cornering, and other scenes are all in control.


High Strength Fram Design:

The elegant body curves and the shaft design not only give this vehicle a premium look but concerns your safety also. SF5 adopts multiple thermal bodies formed high strength steel. It is tolerable enough for heat up to 1250 Mpa and tensile strength up to 1500 Mpa.

This automobile is gone through more than a hundred quality verification tastes under various working conditions.

Huawei HiCar: 

As this is a smart vehicle, it comes with Huawei HiCar function. This establishes the smart interconnection between the user, vehicle, and homes. Your smartphone will connect with the smart cockpit within seconds. This wireless connection connects through Bluetooth and Wifi. You can easily take over the control and focuses on your drive.


Huawei Sound:

The use of 11 audio units in the car will let you take the experience of cinematic sound effects. Huawei’s audio technology used in this car assures the low frequency and powerful rhythms, feel like the live experience.

Color Variants:

Exterior Design Color

  1. Zhan Hailan
  2. Gilt Black
  3. Titanium Silver Gray
  4. Peral White

Interior Design Color:

  1. Ivory
  2. Bird feather Red
  3. Polar Night Black

Price Lists:

  • The two-wheel-drive version is priced at 216,800 yuan.
  • The four-wheel-drive version is priced at 246,800 Yuan.

Huawei consumers can experience Cyrus Huawei Smart Selection SF5 in Huawei flagship stores, and experience stores. The list is mentioned below-


  1. Huawei Global Flagship Store: Nanjing East Road, Shanghai
  2. Huawei Global Flagship Store: Chengdu Vientiane City
  3. Huawei Smart Life Pavilion: Shenzhen Bonjour Center


  1. Huawei Smart Life Pavilion: Shanghai Aegean
  2. Huawei Smart Life Pavilion: Hangzhou Huanglong Vanke
  3. Huawei Global Flagship Store: Shenzhen Vientiane World
  4. Huawei Shenzhen Tianan Cloud Valley Store

To be mentioned, Huawei has more than 60,000 retail locations across the globe. Among them, 12 are major flagship stores, and about 5,000 plus experience stores with 80 million worldwide registered users.



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A high-end SUV brand by Huawei and GAC set to launch in 2023



Huawei GAC SUV Car

The new high-end SUV brand jointly building by Huawei and GAC is reported to be launched in 2023. These will be the first medium and large-scale electric SUVs to features the ace technologies of both firms.

The General Manager of GAC Aian – Gu Huinan informed that this project, based on AH8 architecture will bring two models for users. The first one will be an MPV (multi-purpose vehicle) and the second one will be a most luxury coupe.

Since Huawei stepped into the automotive industry, the company is only focusing on bringing new technologies to produce good quality wheels. We have already seen the capability of Huawei in the previously launched smart cars such as ArcFox Alpha S, and SERES Smart Selection SF5.


Huawei GAC SUV Car

However, the company always denied establishing its own wholly-owned car brand and explaining that car making isn’t the same and easy as smartphone manufacturing. Besides, Huawei has its own plans related to being recognized in the smart car industry.

Know More: Huawei will make three sub-brands with car manufacturers BAIC, GAC, and Changan Automobile

Previous News:

On July 10, this AH8 model project had been approved by the company’s board of directors at the 67th board meeting. This project founded on the GEP 3.0 framework and computing & communication architecture (CCA), proposed a budget of about 800 million Yuan.


On the 1st of July, a report revealed that the project jointly being made by Huawei, GAC, and Didi will be able to command ADS vehicles without human effort. There is no doubt that Level 4 SUV being prepared by Huawei and GAC will bring a new breakthrough in the automotive industry.

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Huawei Autoware trademark suggest new autonomous driving technology



According to the China Intellectual Property database, Huawei has applied for a new trademark “Autoware” in the field of autonomous driving on July 13, 2021.

However, the current status of a trademark is an application for registration. This trademark’s international classification includes scientific instruments, transportation vehicles, and design research.

Huawei Autoware:

Autoware is the first open-source software for autonomous driving systems based on Linux and ROB (Robot operating system).


It enables autonomous driving along a route dictated by a car navigation system using environmental sensors such as laser radar, cameras, and global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) while vehicle positions and surrounding objects are identified.

Huawei Autoware trademark

Huawei and autonomous driving:

So far, Huawei has patented a lot of technologies in the field of autonomous driving in order to become a top technology supplier. The patent includes the autonomous driving control algorithm, navigation system, safety and experience, and many more.

Early this month, Su Qing, President and Chief Architect of Intelligent Driving Product Line at Huawei during the discussion about the automotive industry stated that L5 level autonomous technology is still far away at present.


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Huawei and GAC working on the first medium and large scale electric SUVs



The AH8 model project- jointly developing by Huawei and GAC Aian has received the approval of the board of directors at the 67th meeting. The announcement is officially made by the Guangzhou Automobile Group.

Both firms are working to develop, the fully electric SUV founded on the GEP 3.0 framework and computing & communication architecture (CCA) of GAC and Huawei respectively. This next-level smart car will adopt the full-stack smart car technology of Huawei and provide an advanced car for future generations.

Furthermore, this is the first medium and large-scale electric SUV project with a huge investment of 800 million Yuan. Meanwhile, the expected mass production is scheduled for the end of 2023.


Besides, GAC also published the production and sales bulletin for the last month, which reveals that the company’s automobile production was 163,583 vehicles with a year-on-year decrease of 17.34% for June 2021. To date, the total production from January to June has been reached 1,001,446 with a YOY increase of 25.61%.

Talking about the sales volume, the company has sold about 1026505 units in the previous month, while the aggregate sales volume until June was 1026505 with YOY progress of 24.49%.

Previous Report:

As per the previous reports, Huawei and GAC are jointly developing the Level 4 autonomous smart vehicle technology with Didi technology. It’s expected that this new method will reduce the need for manual operation in autopiloting vehicles or even it can be successfully operated without human touch.


(Via- Mydriver)

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