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Cyrus Huawei Smart Selection SF5: Top Features, Specifications, and Price



On 19th April 2021, Huawei has officially launched the Cyrus Huawei Smart Selection SF5 fully electric car. This smart vehicle can reach 180 kilometers drive to meet daily requirements.

From April 20, Huawei opens its flagship stores and put Cyrus Huawei Smart car on display. However, its sale will start in early May with starting price of 216,800 Yuan.

Check the top Features, specifications, availability, and price here.

Top Features:

  • Huawei DriveONE
  • Dual-Motor Four-Wheel drive
  • High Strength Fram Design
  • Huawei HiCar
  • Huawei Sound

Let’s take a closer look at the specifications:


Huawei DriveONE:

Huawei DiveONE electric drive system is greatly improved for daily commuting and comfortable traveling. This three-in-one electric drive system composed of a motor controller, motor, and reducer.

It is able to provide a pure electric battery life of up to 180 km for daily needs and more than 1000 kilometers of long-distance traveling. It connects with the rear-drive, delivers high performance with low power consumption.

Dual-Motor-Four-Wheel drive:

This powerful four-deice system can achieve a total power of 405 kW with a peak torque force of 820 N.m. You will get a comfortable traveling experience with SPE 200 asynchronous AC motor.

The front and rear motors used in the driving system are smartly distributed. The whole mechanism is good enough to keep up with your extreme driving.


You can achieve 4.68 seconds per 100 kilometers acceleration speed. This astonishing combination of man and technology will ensure you total control. Whether it is acceleration, braking, cornering, and other scenes are all in control.

High Strength Fram Design:

The elegant body curves and the shaft design not only give this vehicle a premium look but concerns your safety also. SF5 adopts multiple thermal bodies formed high strength steel. It is tolerable enough for heat up to 1250 Mpa and tensile strength up to 1500 Mpa.

This automobile is gone through more than a hundred quality verification tastes under various working conditions.

Huawei HiCar: 

As this is a smart vehicle, it comes with Huawei HiCar function. This establishes the smart interconnection between the user, vehicle, and homes. Your smartphone will connect with the smart cockpit within seconds. This wireless connection connects through Bluetooth and Wifi. You can easily take over the control and focuses on your drive.


Huawei Sound:

The use of 11 audio units in the car will let you take the experience of cinematic sound effects. Huawei’s audio technology used in this car assures the low frequency and powerful rhythms, feel like the live experience.

Color Variants:

Exterior Design Color

  1. Zhan Hailan
  2. Gilt Black
  3. Titanium Silver Gray
  4. Peral White

Interior Design Color:

  1. Ivory
  2. Bird feather Red
  3. Polar Night Black

Price Lists:

  • The two-wheel-drive version is priced at 216,800 yuan.
  • The four-wheel-drive version is priced at 246,800 Yuan.

Huawei consumers can experience Cyrus Huawei Smart Selection SF5 in Huawei flagship stores, and experience stores. The list is mentioned below-


  1. Huawei Global Flagship Store: Nanjing East Road, Shanghai
  2. Huawei Global Flagship Store: Chengdu Vientiane City
  3. Huawei Smart Life Pavilion: Shenzhen Bonjour Center


  1. Huawei Smart Life Pavilion: Shanghai Aegean
  2. Huawei Smart Life Pavilion: Hangzhou Huanglong Vanke
  3. Huawei Global Flagship Store: Shenzhen Vientiane World
  4. Huawei Shenzhen Tianan Cloud Valley Store

To be mentioned, Huawei has more than 60,000 retail locations across the globe. Among them, 12 are major flagship stores, and about 5,000 plus experience stores with 80 million worldwide registered users.



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BAIC Fox Alpha S Huawei HI Edition will officially launch on May 7



Huawei hi car

Jihu Automobile has scheduled the launch conference of the high-end luxurious pure electric new Huawei HI Edition of the BAIC Polar Fox Alpha S Huawei car in Beijing on May 7, 2022, to officially announce it.

Previously, the commercial version of the extreme Fox Alpha S Huawei HI was announced sometime in November last year at the 2021 Guangzhou International Auto Show. And now Alpha S will launch the Huawei Hi Edition car from BAIC Blue Valley’s Jihu car brand.

On tracking the previous reports is high-end Huawei car was first launched with the HarmonyoOS system and was also the first designed to be qualified with Huawei’s high-end autonomous driver ADS system, which includes three-level NCA mode, ICA+ mode, and ICA mode.

The car is equipped with a 3-component lithium overcharge custom battery pack IP68 dustproof and waterproof that lasts up to 708 km under comprehensive working conditions and helps ultra-fast charging of 750V.


Huawei HI BAIC Alpha launch

Alpha S Huawei HI was the first-ever car that was packed with HarmonyOS cockpit and exclusive Huawei technology. The car performs a high navigation mapping that allows you to easily travel in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen and additional locations are also set up.

Previous reports claim that the car debuted with a starting cost of RMB 388,900 for the standard version and the Advanced model litter higher than the standard one, which is available at RMB 429,900.

So users are you excited to meet with this extraordinary featured car with fully electric operation. The Jihu association is ready to officially launch this Huawei HI BAIC Alpha on May 7, 2022, in Beijing China.

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Huawei AITO M5 HarmonyOS car gets first OTA update



Huawei AITO M5 first update

On April 17, Huawei has officially released the first update for HarmonyOS smart cockpit equipped AITO M5 SUV car through OTA medium. According to the information, this update is rolling with version V1.0.102SP05.

In summary, AITO M5 medium-sized SUV is jointly developed by Huawei and SERES, which is a hybrid car and run on both electricity and gasoline. It is equipped with the smart cockpit, HarmonyOS vehicle system, and DriveOne three-electric system provided by Huawei.

What’s New:

Huawei AITO M5 first update brings optimization for main driver’s seat welcome, lighting prompts, smart voice, smart-screen UI interface and signal prompts for better user experience.

For your information, this update may take around 2 hours to complete the update process. You can check the update steps and precaution below.


Huawei AITO M5 first update

How to update:

While you are in the car:

First, you need to login in to your account by navigating through Settings, System and then System Update. You can also view the current version and update status of the system in this interface.

Also, enter the system update section and click “Settings” in the upper right corner and make sure the “Automatic Download” switch is turned on. Additionally,  you can check the download progress in the notification Center.

Once the download process is complete, you can click the upgrade icon on the screen and set up the update plan and select “Reservation Update” or “Update Now” as per your requirements.


When you are outside of the car:

On the flip side, you can also install the update remotely through smartphone. But, make sure that new version of the vehicle was downloaded.

Simply, open the AITO app, go to My tab and followed by My Vehicle. From here, tap on your vehicle option, click on vehicle software version and select update noew or schedule update.

Once the update is done, you can view the specific operation instructions of each function in “Services and Applications > Application Center > Owner’s Guide” on the central control screen of the car.


Note: The “System Update” function needs to be used under the owner’s account or an authorized account.


  • When upgrading, please park the vehicle on a gentle (non-up/downhill) road section, close all entertainment audio and video applications in the vehicle, and ensure that the vehicle network signal is good and the battery power is higher than 30%.
  • During the upgrade process, the vehicle may turn off the screen, turn on the running lights, and briefly prompt the instrument panel fault light, which are all normal phenomena. Please do not intervene or drive the vehicle; you can lock the car and leave normally, and the vehicle will automatically Power off after the upgrade is complete.
  • After the upgrade is completed, if the instrument panel prompts that the cruising range or tire pressure is abnormal, it will not affect the normal driving of the vehicle, and it can be restored after driving for a period of time (meaning that the vehicle needs to travel at a speed of more than 25 kilometers per hour for more than 3 minutes).
  • If you encounter any other problems during the upgrade process, please call the user care hotline 400-008-9999 for consultation.

(Via: ithome)

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Huawei Avita 11 EV completes extreme cold tests



Huawei Avita 11 cold test

Huawei, Changan Digital, and Ningde Time’ jointly developed smart car Avita 11 has successfully completed the first round of extreme cold tests. As per the information, this development will lead us towards the mass production of the Avita 11.

The first model – Avita 11 was officially unveiled in November last year. It is reported that the car-making technologies rely on Changan Automobile, the intelligent system Huawei provides support, and the Ningde era will provide battery packs.

Huawei Avita 11 cold test

Extreme Cold Tests:

Traveling in extremely cold weather tests the performance of the EVs in terms of low-temperature ignition, charging, and discharging as well as thermal management. In the snow capital of China, Avita 11 has successfully passed 38 tests.

The contents of this extreme cold test include – 30-degree ultra-low temperature cold start, 20 – degree ultra-low temperature high-power charging, 10 – degree ultra-low temperature crew cabin heating test, high-power four-wheel-drive extreme cold test, etc.


Avita 11 successfully passed the test, the Avita 11 calibrated in this winter test adopts the new-generation CTP battery pack of CATL. In addition, Huawei is also conducting extreme cold tests on the smart driving system on the Avita 11 powered by HarmonyOS operating system.

However, we’re waiting for more information regarding this launch or its upcoming features.

(via – ithome)

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