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Huawei Router X Skyline data card officially launched in China



Huawei Skyline Data Card

On 29th June, Huawei officially launched the Huawei Router X Skyline data card on the company’s flagship online store. This data card offers a 2000GB monthly data pack with 5GB of free data as a gift token.

Now, consumers don’t have to worry about the broadband connection rent, office works, or business journeys, and other things related to anywhere network. They can move with portable Wi-Fi hotspots with a monthly package of 99 Yuan, and an annual package of 599 Yuan.

Huawei Skyline Data Card:

Huawei made the Huawei Skyline data card concerning the company’s routing devices. The consumers can swiftly open the card by scanning the QR code available on the label.

It provides up to 2000GB per month package with an ultra-high network speed. Also, it’s a good match of Huawei’s WiFi 3, delivers maximum user experience in comparison with other connection such as home broadband.

Huawei WiFi 3:

Huawei WiFi 3 adopts a portable small body and supports a peak downloading speed of 150Mbps. In addition, it packs a 1500mAh battery to support a 6 hours battery life. It supports up to 16 device connections simultaneously.

Moreover, the Skyline data card comes in a pair with Huawei WiFi 3 with a price tag of 299 Yuan. It supports Huawei’s smartphone router equipment only. Furthermore, you can’t buy this card individually and after activation, it doesn’t offer the 7-day return policy.

(Source- CNMO)

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