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Huawei Malware Detection patent shows to prevent malicious activities and protect data



In today’s scenario, it’s really hard to be safe from Malware and Malicious Softwares, because they have been grown advanced with the technology. That’s the reason behind the downfall of existing technology in Malware detection.

Concerning this, we are in need of new and more advanced technology to prevent terms such as compromising date. Huawei acknowledges cybersecurity as the top priority and working hard to ensures our privacy and keep the user data safe.

Recent information on this matter reveals that Huawei released a new patent on the 22nd of June, entitled “Malware Detection Apparatus Method” with the announcement number CN113015972A in China.

The patent document revealed a method that will use a local feature descriptor to find the Malicious activities in the device. It will be a more sound approach and won’t be dependent on scaling, shifting, and noise to detect the same features in images.

This new approach will work majorly on three aspects that can be described in the below-mentioned terms-

  1. Creating an image from a file to generate a signature of the image that symbolizes a local feature descriptor of the image
  2. Examining the image signature with at least one calculated signature in the malware signature repository
  3. Concluding the result whether the file is malicious or not as per the comparison calculation

(Source- Ithome)

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