Huawei will reportedly discuss with Russia to use Avrora OS in smartphones

Huawei is reportedly developing its own Operating System identified as Hongmeng but there are also reports that claims that the company is testing its smartphone on Russian made an operating system to replace Android.

Hongmeng: Here’s everything you need to know about Huawei’s Operating System

A Russian deputy communications minister said Huawei will discuss with the Ministry of Communications ministry in the summer on the possibility of using Russia’s Avrora (Aurora) operating system, the RIA news agency reported on Friday.

Aurora OS is built on its predecessor Sailfish OS, designed by Finnish technology company Jolla and based on Linux.

In 2014, Russian entrepreneur Grigory Berezkin became a co-owner of Jolla and Since 2016, the Open Mobile Platform (OMP) company, associated with Berezkin, has been developing a Russian version of the system.

Following this development, last year, Russia’s latest telecom company, Rostelecom, acquired 75% stakes in OMP and changed the name of Sailfish OS to Aurora.

The biggest difference between Aurora and Sailfish is the Aurora OS can’t run Android apps but Sailfish can.

Apart from this Huawei officially has accepted that they’re developing their own OS that’ll be ready to launch by the end of this year if issues with Google did not settle.

Recent reports also said that the Hongmeng OS, will be compatible with all of Android apps and built to support Huawei’s complete device ecosystem with new features.






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