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[Updated: Official Statement] Huawei will not use Google apps on its phones even if US lifts ban, says Huawei Austria Manager




As we mentioned the company will need further cooperation with Google and recently in response to this report, Huawei gave the following answer  (via 9to5Google).

An open Android ecosystem is still our first choice, but if we are not able to continue to use it, we have the ability to develop our own.”

This is not the first time Huawei declared Android as its first choice, as Huawei Chairman and Software Chief already mentioned Android’s importance for its smartphones but there’s still no reply to its GMS statement given below.

January 31, 2020:

Fred Wangfei, Country Manager of Austria, admitted on Thursday during a press conference in Vienna that Huawei won’t return to Google even if the U.S. lifts trade ban.

Fred Wangfei in an interview with DerStandard said that the aim of this decision is to create a third smartphone ecosystem in addition to Android and iOS and the one that will be open source as well as complies with Google in order to be compatible with Android for long term (via 9to5Google).

The US could hit the Huawei with another band soon after it lifts the current one, which is the main reason why the company cannot rely on US firms anymore, Fred concerns.

But this doesn’t mean a complete stop between the business of two big firms, as further cooperation required to continue using the Android open-source code for its new and for maintaining existing devices with Google Mobile Services.

In May 2019, Huawei was added to the US Entity-List blocking the Chinese tech giant’s access to US technologies and software services such as Google Mobile Services (GMS) for its new devices.

Following this ban, Huawei launched the flagship Huawei Mate 30 series offering amazing camera tech, new processing power, and a beautiful display. This flagship runs the open-source version of Android 10 and the first smartphone to equip with new HMS services and only with AppGallery instead of Play Store.

Huawei to introduce its own mobile services ecosystem called Huawei Mobile Services with a set of applications, cloud services, app gallery and whole new support for Developers.

HMS is a set of applications and services from Huawei for its device ecosystem and to provide a smarter, faster and better seamless experience. Together with Huawei Mobile Services Core (HMS Core), this composition provides basic services, such as Map, Location, and Security features for apps on your device.

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