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What is Google Mobile Services (GMS) and why Huawei requires its license



Google Mobile Services (GMS) is a suite of Google-branded applications and cloud-based services. Also, the GMS is not a part of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) or simply called the open-source version of Android. Therefore, Android smartphone manufactures needs to get a license from Google to legally install GMS on their Android devices.

Applications that are part of GMS?

The GMS consist of two parts – a popular bundle and an additional bundle package. To gain a license for GMS, a popular bundle package need to preinstalled by Android device manufacturers, usually called preloaded apps.

Popular bundled GMS application package includes:

Google Search
Google Chrome
Google Play Store

Other GMS bundle application package includes:

Google Drive
Google Duo
Google Maps
Google Photos
Google Play Music

By using all of these applications the smartphone manufacturer can create a seamless experience across various devices for these particular applications.

In Huawei case, a Google spokesman recently told that the upcoming Mate 30 series cannot with Google apps and services due to the US ban on sales to Huawei. Although, the US has extended the 90 days reprieve but its application for new smartphones such as Mate 30.

This statement has generated some worry for Huawei, in response, an internal source has previously told that the Chinese tech giant will be moving forward with or without the Google services to launch Mate 30 series in September.

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