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Huawei, GAC Group and Didi jointly working on Level 4 autonomous vehicles



Huawei is jointly working with GAC Group and Didi on the Level 4 autonomous vehicles project, which is expected to be a new breakthrough in the field of autopiloting says a report.

The sources revealed that this mysterious vehicle with Level 4 autonomous technology can be successfully commanded without human touch. Users don’t have to feed any input to operate this machine.

It’s noteworthy that at present we are using Level 2 autonomy mechanisms in the cars that require some effort like feeding map location. It’ll be really exciting to see that what changes these three giants- Huawei, GAC, and Didi will bring with the new Level 4 technology.

The previously launched GAC Trumpchi M6 Pro series was equipped with Huawei HiCar smart car technology and priced at 129,800 Yuan to 159,800 Yuan. Undoubtedly, Huawei technology gives GAC a keen edge for world-class in-car systems productions.

Speaking of Didi, it’s a Chinese taxi-hailing application and has been a long-time partner of GAC Group. Both the firms are working together since 2019 and promoting the driving technologies such as driverless riding, smart charging, and refueling technologies.

Future Plan:

We can’t hide that Huawei is simultaneously working on many projects in different fields such as software, mobile chip designing, smart car technology, and more.

As for the Didi and GAC, Didi is planning to invest in about 1 million autonomous vehicles by 2025 and GAC will actively provide its cutting edge technologies in this contribution.

We’ll receive many surprises in form of next-level smart car technologies from these three Chinese giants in the future. As of now, this is all we have regard this matter. Stay tuned to get more updates o this subject.

(Via PRNewswire)

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