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Huawei registers Celia Keyboard trademark, its own mobile keyboard app



On March 19, 2021, Huawei applied for the new trademark “Xiaoyi input method”, which is the Chinese name of the Huawei Celia keyboard with registration number 54482687 in China.

Huawei Celia Keyboard:

Huawei Celia Keyboard is the company’s self-developed mobile keyboard application, launched on June 2, 2021.

Currently, it is available on Huawei AppGallery and supports four simple themes and 170 languages. Additionally, it has thousands of emojis, cool fonts, smiley faces, and more to share

Talking about inputs, this keyboard not only supports key inputs but also has voice and glide inputs options.

On the other hand, a spokesperson from Hubei Industrial University shared the screenshots of the Celia keyboard. While using this keyboard, it was found Chinese input currently has many problems like 9 keys cannot be used to type phrases. 

For more information, check the below list of functions offered by Huawei Celia Keyboard:

  • Gesture typing
  • Show Gesture trail
  • Auto capitalization
  • Next word suggestion
  • Auto-correction
  • Emoji prediction
  • Dual space period
  • Quick prediction insert
  • User Experience improvement program

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