The Mechanical Keyboard mode of Huawei Celia Keyboard is amazing

Huawei Celia keyboard has some amazing features and customizable options that will make your typing experience more enjoyable. One of which is the mechanical keyboard, a unique feature that we usually don’t see on mobile keyboards

Besides the mechanical keyboard, Huawei’s Celia keyboard comes with many functionalities such as over 170 language support that widen its reachability, furthermore, it has more than 1000 emoji expressions for interactive chatting.

For those unaware, in general terms, mechanical keyboards are keyboards that have switches under each key and provides direct feedback to the user. In mobile terms, these kinds of keyboards will actually give you the feel of mechanical keyboards with appearance and usage.

Enabling the mechanical keyboard functionality is quite simple in the Celia Keyboard and you can do so from the keyboard’s settings.

First, If you haven’t already, install the Celia Keyboard app and follow the instructions below.

Enable Mechanical Keyboard:

  1. Open Keyboard
  2. Open the keyboard settings
  3. Select Mechanical keyboard
  4. Tap on the switch in front of the Mechanical keyboard to enable the mechanical keyboard

Following this procedure, your Celia Keyboard will now turn to a mechanical keyboard but that’s not it because this mechanical not only changes the appearances similar to a mechanical keyboard but also the features.

Switch Type:

with mechanical keyboard enabled, you can also change the switch type of the keyboards and choose from three different options available as Clicky, Tactile, and Linear.

Currently, there’s only one keyboard layout available in the layout section but we hope that Huawei will soon bring more mechanical keyboard themes.





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