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Here are all of the input options for Celia Keyboard



Huawei’s own Celia keyboard is launched on AppGallery and is available to download. The company has added several amazing features to this mobile keyboard your next all-around keyboard app. It even has a new Mechanical mode, which turns the keyboard into a mechanical keyboard.

You can also change Celia Keyboard’s theme based on what you like from the available theme options. Furthermore, it supports over 170 different languages so that you can chat in any of your preferred languages.

Besides these features, there are a bunch of options in the Input section that you may find really useful while typing and to make your typing experience more enjoyable. Yet, there are several options to personalize your keyboard and optimize its use cases.

There are options such as gesture typing, next word suggestion, auto-correction, emoji prediction, and more. To access the Input settings on the Celia keyboard – Open the keyboard app and tap on the Input option in the menu bar.

To know what each of the functions of the input section does, check out the list linked below which explains each option.

Input Settings

Gesture typing – It can be very useful and lets the user type single-handedly by sliding through the letter.

Show Gesture trail – If you want to a wave appear while sliding through a letter then you can turn this on.

Auto Capitalization – This will automatically capitalize the first word of the sentence.

Next word suggestion – It suggests the next word of what you can possibly type by observing your past typing words.

Auto-correction – This function when turned on will automatically correct the if you have mistakenly entered a wrong word.

Emoji prediction – It predicts and suggests emoji based on the words you type

Double Space Period – Touch the spacebar twice to insert a period followed by a space.

Quick prediction insert – Tap on the spacebar to insert the middle prediction

User Experience Improvement Program – With this function, you can share your snippet of what and you type. This will work as a suggestion for upcoming improvements.

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