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Breaking: Huawei launches its own mobile keyboard app – Celia Keyboard



On June 2, 2021, Huawei launched its self-developed mobile operating system – HarmonyOS, which completely replaces the Android-based EMUI with brand new software and user interface.

In order to get rid of the dependence on other software makers, it’s important for Huawei to build its own app ecosystem. Therefore, Huawei started to support the global developer community and increased the number of developers under its Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) belt.

In the past, Huawei has launched some powerful apps such as Petal Maps, Petal Search, and Huawei Assistant that take a direct competition to their Google rivals.

The start of these apps was quite rough but Huawei has shown quickness in terms of improving their UI and features through continuous software updates.


But the company wants to continue this process of adding a new mobile app to the HMS software ecosystem. That’s why Huawei has now introduced a new and important app for Huawei smartphone users.

Celia Keyboard:

Recently, Huawei has silently listed a new Keyboard app on AppGallery and available to download. Honestly, it’s a big development made by the Chinese tech maker and further boosts the capabilities of the Huawei smart ecosystem.

Celia Keyboard

According to the official introduction, Celia is a free keyboard application developed by Huawei. Currently, this app is available in 170 languages and provides thousands of emojis, cool fonts, smiley faces, and four simple keyboard themes.

Celia Keyboard

Celia keyboard allows users to change the layout, writing mode, customize the theme, check clipboard, has a text editing interface, allows customization for sound and vibrations. You can even turn the entire keyboard and make it look like a mechanical keyboard, which is absolutely awesome.


in terms of input, the Celia keyboard not only supports Key Input but also supports voice and glide inputs.

Currently, Celia Keyboard stays at version and available to download from AppGallery and from our download page.

Most of Deng Li's smartphones are from the Huawei ecosystem and his first Huawei phone was Ascend Mate 2 (4G). As a tech enthusiast, he keeps exploring new technologies and inspects them closely. Apart from the technology world, he takes care of his garden.


Huawei launched new AR app ‘Unseen’, create an AR world together



Huawei AR Unseen

Huawei has launched a new AR (Augmented Reality) application named ‘Unseen’ that allows users to create 3D objects on top of the parallel world. The company has currently started beta testing for this application and is available to test for all users.

This application offers various options and is highly interactive. It has various social capabilities that allow users to share their experiences with each other.

With the Unseen applications, you can do stuff like create AR Space, AR social interact, build a graffiti forest, experience AR games, and much more. Once you get into it, you’ll find it more productive.

The app allows users to experience the digital world offline. Furthermore, it also offers information enhancement, visual navigation, virtual interaction, and other interactive activities.


Huawei Unseen AR App

The application has several options such as, say Hi, follow each other, share ideas, and more. It brings interactive, futuristic, emotional experiences and a 3D digital world to a virtual device.

Huawei’s AR application ‘Unseen’ comes with a tagline that says ‘Create an AR world together’. This slogan explains its interactive features. After the introduction window, users can pick their choice of Unseen avatar and begin creating their AR world of imagination.

Huawei Unseen AR App Avatars


The Huawei Unseen AR is currently under beta testing in China and may have some bugs to be resolved. The company will soon release the stable version with improvements and more added innovative functionalities for many users.

Huawei claims its AR market to reach US$300 billion by 2025

Huawei is gradually making development in the field of AR, the company along with third-party analysts has predicted that its AR market will reach over US$300 billion by 2025.


In the recent AR-focused event, the Huawei Carrier BG CMO Bob Cai delivered the keynote speech saying that the AR and 5G are expanding their market presence. Read more

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Video Calls 2 and bunch new features for Telegram comes with major update




Telegram software update

Telegram is rolling out a major update that brings a number of new features including Group video call for up to 1000 viewers, video messages with high quality. The update also includes better playback speed and screen sharing with sound to all video calls and more.

So without further ado, let’s explore the new features.

Group Video Calls 2.0:

Telegram’s group video calls enable 30 users to broadcast video from both their camera and screen and now 1000 people can watch any live broadcast. However, the chat app maker promises to bring new features.

To start a Group Video Call, create a Voice Chat from the info page (in the settings menu on Android) of any group where you are an admin – then turn your video on.


Telegram software update

Video Messages 2.0:

Video messages now have higher resolution and you can tap on a video message to expand it and take in all those extra pixels.

To record a video message, tap the microphone icon in the message bar to switch from voice message recording to video. Press and hold to record, then tap the camera icon to switch back.

Audio from your device will keep playing as you record so you can now sing along to your favorite songs or reply without pausing your podcast. Additionally, recording with your rear camera lets you pinch to zoom in and capture things at a distance or add a dramatic effect (eerie music not included).

New Playback speed option:

The Telegram media player now supports 0.5x, 1.5x, and 2x playback speeds as well as 0.2x speed.


To change your video playback speed, tap on the three dots on the top right corner on Android. On iOS devices, when watching a video in fullscreen.

On Android, you can also press and hold the 2X button when playing voice or video messages to switch between 0.5x, 1x, 1.5x, and 2x playback speed.

Timestamp Links:

Now users can now press and hold on a timestamp in a message to copy the link and share the moment in another chat.

Share screen with sound:

Users can now enable sound from the device on 1-on-1 calls when broadcasting in any video call.


How to use screen sharing with sound?

To share your screen during a video call, tap the camera button and select your screen as the video source.

Auto Delete adds 1-month duration:

The auto-delete feature of Telegram has a duration of 1 day and 1 week but now the option also includes 1 month of the delete duration.

How to use the new 1-month auto delete duration?


To enable the timer on Android, tap three dots on the top right corner > Clear History then choose a duration. On iOS, press and hold a message, tap Select > Clear Chat (top-left) > Enable Auto-Delete.

Passcode Animations:

The new passcode animations interface is interactive and the new animated background will also appear on the passcode lock screen.

Password recovery and reminders:

Telegram now has a new prompt in Settings to help you practice entering your Two-Step Verification password.


If you forgot your password, there is a new password reset option that works even if you don’t have a recovery email — as long as you’re still logged into your account. The process will take 7 days and can be canceled from any of your devices.

New Message Sending animation for Android devices:

Text messages now have new lightweight animations, when you Send, your text transforms into the message bubble as it flies into the chat.

New Camera for iOS:

New Telegram in-App camera for iOS now uses all zoom levels on your device – including 0.5x and 2x if available. You can also press and hold to open a zoom wheel that lets you zoom in and out with granular control.

To use the in-app camera, tap the paper clip icon in the message bar and then tap the camera feed in the attachment menu.


New animated emoji:

There are a number of new emojis that come with this update and bring refreshments for the Telegram users.

Scrolling profile pictures:

This is quite an interesting feature that lands with the latest Telegram update, Profile pictures now follow the messages as you scroll in group chats so you always know who sent each one, even in long chains.

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Download Huawei Petal Speed App [Link]



Petal Speed

Huawei Petal Speed is a professional testing application, provides tools to test mobile networks and WIFI network upload, download, and diagnostics features.

This network speed testing app comes with optimizations for the one-key speed measurement, network diagnosis, and speed ​​test tasks to enhance the user testing experience.

The latest edition of Huawei Petal Test Speed is now available in Huawei’s official app store – AppGallery in China but Interested users can download Petal Speed app directly from the link given below.

Petal Speed

Petal Speed Features:

  • It comes with a simple installation process and is convenient to use as well as gives accurate results.
  • It can support operators’ 2G/3G/4G/5G networks as well as WiFi network speed measurement, delayed jitter test, and diagnosis.
  • It provides users with real-time network status.
  • The interface is simple and friendly, and very convenient to use with one click and quick results.
  • Support both automatic and manual search for test servers.
  • The test result may display the name of the operator of the network to be tested and the location of the city where the test is located.
  • Results can show indicators such as ping delay, upload and download rates, jitter and packet loss rates.
  • Display the overall ranking of the test results for reference.
  • The test history is automatically saved on the mobile phone for later inquiry.

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