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Huawei patent technology to interact with smart car using body gestures



Huawei is determined to bring new technologies related to automotive and continually working to make new technologies. In this line, Huawei recently released an abnormal behavior detection, traffic light detection, and safe speed determination patent related to smart cars in a row.

According to the latest news from the Chinese intellectual property patent database, Huawei released a new patent entitled “a method for calling a vehicle, a smart car and a device” with the publication number CN112997126A.

This patent related to smart vehicle technologies applied back in December 2020 and gets clearance on the 18th of May 2021. The application area of this patent revolves around smart cars and smart connected wheels.

The data mentioned in the patent abstract informs that this method will help a user fetch his vehicle using some selected body gestures for a better user experience.

Implementing this solution will help the drivers avoid struggling to get into the car in confined spaces in parking. As well as, the damage and scratches in car doors caused during clashing with the surroundings can also be reduced.

Besides, Huawei also released a demonstrative video of LYSA, who is the company’s first digital art persona. She is designed with the most advanced technology and will be a TV host. (Read Full Story)

(Via- Ithome)

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