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HarmonyOS in smart car cockpit will install in 2021: Huawei Smart Car BU Chief



During the 11th China Automotive Forum, Wang Jun, President of Huawei Smart Car Solutions BU states that HarmonyOS – A smart cockpit solution is the only system, which is currently open and equipping in the smart car by this year.

The HarmonyOS in the cockpits is a vehicle operating system, which provides capabilities such as one-chip multi-screen, multi-concurrency, and more. Also, the vehicle’s head unit can connect with other intelligent devices and share information.

Within the cockpit, Huawei provides its signature Huawei Mobile Services (Automotive) core capabilities, such as voice, vision, and fully opens these capabilities through APIs. It allows manufacturers, tier-1 suppliers, and application ecosystem partners to develop functions and applications.

Additionally, Huawei has developed the HarmonyOS smart car system with more than 80 hardware and software partners. Huawei has aimed to become a top smart car technology supplier in the automobile industry that’s why it is making such efforts.

Previously, Huawei also announced its smart driving operating system, AOS, which meets the core requirement of smart driving software development. Huawei Smart Car Cheif mentioned the Huawei’s intelligent driving MDC and AOS as the core is developing rapidly and has more than 100 partners in different fields.

Huawei has also set up OpenLab Suzhou, where it performs joint innovation and interoperability tests on devices with its hardware partners. Additionally, Wang said this innovation lab will be opened for the public in the second half of 2021.

The company has plans to provide over 50 million yuan in component support each year, invest in more than 300 expert resources and develop over 300 partners within 3 years. And the main focus will be on MDC, HarmonyOS cockpit, and digital platform forms a cooperative ecosystem.

On the other hand, Wang also discloses that the company will shift its devices over the fully independent operating system, HarmonyOS 2.0 at the end of this year.

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