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Huawei aims to make fully driverless car by 2025, powered by HarmonyOS: Huawei Smart BU Chief



Arc Fox smart car

During the 13th China Automotive Blue Book Forum, Wang Jun, President of Huawei Smart Car Solutions BU, gave a speech. Wang said that the Huawei team is working on autonomous driving solutions and aimed to make a passenger car that’s truly driverless by 2025.

Wang also mentioned that the current state of the car ahead of 2025 is still unmodified and there’s not so much scope for extensions. Therefore, the first question and priority is the scope for modification and whether we use a car as a smart space.

“Autonomous driving has a boundary and it could disruptive when it’s completed. But what it could hold in the future, will it be the power  or what kind of change it could bring in terms of the new cockpit.” said Wang

Adding to this, Wang described that the company’s goal is to make a smart space inside the car that’s efficient for various kinds of applications to help in the making of a real smart car and autonomous driving experience.

Huawei’s smart car business chief further mentioned that it’s important to make an application ecosystem for smart cars and to develop a new version of the cockpit system.

According to the information, Huawei’s smart car solution and cockpit are powered by HarmonyOS software and helps to provide a new kind of user experience for the consumers. Wang also stressed that HarmonyOS will be used in all of the future smart car solutions.

Eventually, we can say that Huawei is making itself strong in the field of smart car solutions and joining more carmakers to sell its smart car technologies and further strengthen their cooperation.

SERES SF5 sales record:

Talking of making successes in the field of the smart car industry, Huawei SERES SF5 smart car has achieved over 10,000 orders so far, which is a big mark. Among these about 6,500 units scheduled to deliver as soon as possible.

This car is jointly built by SERES and Huawei, unquestionably features Huawei smart car technology including Huawei DriveONE, HiCar, Huawei Sound System, and control methods.

Furthermore, Huawei has planned to open 200 experience stores around China by the end of July to boast the sale of cars made with Huawei Smart Car technologies and bring more profit for the company.

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