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Huawei published a new patent for voice anti-counterfeiting method, reduce misjudgment of voice input



On November 27, 2019, Huawei submit an application for a new patent “voice anti-counterfeiting method, device, and storage medium”. This patent has been published on May 28 with announcement number CN112863523A in China.

According to the information, this patent is mainly suitable for the field of voice processing technology based on artificial intelligence language. Also, this voice processing method can reduce the probability of misjudging correct voices and incorrect voices. It also improves the accuracy of voice recognition as well as user experience.

The description of this patent includes similarity calculation of stored voice templates, where each A language template is generated based on the number of incorrect voice fields recognized each time by preset voice model is derived.

If the similarity calculation result meets the pre-final, the preset voice recognition model is adjusted or the current voice recognition model is selected.

(Via – ithome)

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