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Huawei Petal Search: Everything you need to know



Huawei Petal Search is a solution for mobile devices to provide a number of services including millions of apps and enrich content in a single package and put them in the hands of the consumers.

Following its initial launch, Huawei has made a lot of new changes in the user interface, features as well as overall user experience. And it’s time for us to explore Petal Search in more detail.

But first, let’s look at the featured tabs offered by this software app:

  1. Home screen
  2. Petal
  3. Recent
  4. Me

Let’s take a look at these in the same order:

Home Screen:

The home screen of this Petal Search starts with the Petal brand logo, followed by the search bar to search your queries and surf them on the web. The Search bar includes a search icon, search label as well as voice search, and Visual Search.



The search bar shows search results across different tabs in the following categories:

  1. All
  2. Web
  3. Apps
  4. Shopping
  5. News
  6. Videos
  7. Images
  8. Hotels
  9. Flights
  10. Q&A
  11. Music
  12. In-Apps

If you want to search through all of the products related to the above-mentioned categories, you need to sort the results through the “All” tab. This will allow you to scroll through the other section on a single page.

Voice Search:

The Voice Search option is also available to perform simple tasks using voice commands.

Visual Search feature:

Visual Search is a feature that enables users to search through visual queries including bar codes, face shapes, Food, and more via the camera as well as from the gallery.


The Selection section of the app offers features for a specific integrated tab and optimized related search results. These are:

  • Apps
  • News
  • AliExpress
  • There are more to come.

Download Apps:

Petal Search is not only a Search Engine but also an app to search and download other Apps using the Apps tab. This tab enlists searches related to apps from AppGallery and third-party sources including APKMirror, APKPure, and more.

News Feed:

Below the Selections comes the News Feed section, which shows the latest news from the different publishers and powered by Microsoft News. However, it’s possible that the company may add more news feed provider later on.

Petal Tab:

Petal Search also has a Petal section, which shows different types of cards including the Weather and Calendar app widget that are designed specially for this teh Petal Search.

You can even enable and disable the things that you want to see in this section consisting of the following:

  1. What’s in the news
  2. What to watch
  3. Sports
  4. What to cook
  5. How-tos
  6. What to read
  7. Translation
  8. Currency converter

Recent Tab:

The Recent tab shows the recently opened tabs in a multi-tasking manner. You can also add new tabs by searching for new queries and start new searches. The app has the option to clear the recent searches with the help of the trash icon given on the top right corner of the screen.


Me Tab:

This tab provides information about the user’s profile such as the profile picture and the name, and divided the whole page into subsections:

  1. Search history
  2. Collections

Other option from this tab includes Incognito mode for private searches, Privacy center with different kinds of features to secure the user’s data such as System permissions, Search scope (on device) and more. Furthermore, you can also clear your phone’s data or request it once your searches are done.

Next comes Settings, which allows you to change the language and region of the app, SafeSearch, Manage apps and notifications. You have the option to get Online support and Feedback and About.


Lastly, you can have the option to activate the search widget of the Petal Search app from the home screen settings, which will be available to you to get search queries at an instance.


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Huawei grabs half of China’s foldable smartphone market share




Huawei Mate Xs 2 foldable phone

Huawei is preparing to launch Mate X3 and the last quarter result reveals that the company is leading this foldable smartphone market acquiring almost half of the overall share.

According to IDC, Huawei remained the largest foldable smartphone seller in China with a market share of 47.4% in the fourth quarter of 2022, which is half of the entire country.

Data compiled by the market tracker shows that China’s shipments of foldable display mobile exceeded 1.1 million units, a new high, and the annual shipments were nearly 3.3 million units, a year-on-year increase of 118%.

Huawei half foldable smartphone Q4 2022 IDC

Despite Huawei not featuring a 5G network, customers continue to select Huawei smartphones. For the time being, Huawei Mate Xs 2 is the only smartphone to come bring satellite communication features.


Last year, Huawei unveiled low priced Pocket S flip style device, the phone is compact and portable after folding. It is an exquisite device, with richer and fresher Color matching is more popular with young people peoples.

Currently, Huawei is the only company in the industry that has three foldable mechanisms: Inward, outward, and vertical foldable. As of now, the Chinese tech maker has launched six generations of folding-screen smartphones.

More on this, Samsung ranks second with 16.5% of the market share. OPPO takes 13.8% of the market share for the third place. Vivo is fourth, with a market share of 7.7%, Honor and Xiaomi are ranked fifth and sixth respectively, with similar shares.

(via – Sina Tech)

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Honor Magic 5 series launching on February 27




Honor Magic 5 series February 27

Today, Honor has officially confirmed the launch date of the Magic 5 series flagship for February 27 at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2023.

Honor wrote, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from Magic.”

According to the information, the Honor Magic 5 series will be accompanied by Magic Vs on February 27 at 1:30 PM (CET). Honor has decided to unveil this upcoming Honor lineup at MWC Barcelona, which is a good decision.

Honor Magic 5 series February 27

Inspecting the promo image, the Honor Magic5 series will come with a triangle-shaped camera system that is new to the smartphone lineup.



Past inputs reveal that Honor Magic 5 series comes with 100x zoom, achieved by a periscope camera system. On the other hand, it sports a flagship BOE screen and will be the first time Honor will use it.

He said that Honor Magic 5 would be lighter in design and IP68 dustproof and waterproof, which are the standards of a flagship device.

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Honor gets massive growth in China, inches closer to top spot




Honor CEO

Huawei’s former subsidiary, Honor is leading ahead of the former parent company and it’s the only phone maker that made growth in the Q4 of 2022 in China.

According to the data compiled by IDC, Honor achieved an 18.1% percent market share in Q4 2022 with a massive 34.4% year-over-year growth. While Honor’s market share was 11.7% in the same quarter in 2021.

Within a year, Honor made rapid progress, and the Chinese company continue to launch new devices among customers such as the Honor 80 series.

“Honor was the only Top 5 player that achieved growth in 2022 due to a low comparison base year and its aggressive product portfolio development.” wrote IDC.


Other companies on the chart include Vivo, which was only inches away to lose the top spot to Honor. Vivo collected an 18.6% market share, it is reduced from 21.5% in 2021 with a -25.1 percent decline. Third comes oppo with a 16.8% market share and -28.2% YOY decline. Fourth is Apple with a 16.8% share and -a 4.4% decline.

Honor growth China Q4 2022 IDC

Third Quarter:

Honor is introducing new devices among consumers, which are actively contributing to its sales.

In the third quarter of 2022, Honor had 17.9% of the market share. This result is featured with the sale of the Honor 70 series. With its extremely attractive appearance and good performance optimization, the X40 series has quickly become a “popular” product since its launch.

Meanwhile, other products continue to become important choices for the entry-level market. At the same time, the flagship Magic 4 series has made great efforts in the commercial market and won some government procurement orders.


China’s smartphone market:

Other than Honor, China’s smartphone is running record low, according to the market tracker, 285.8 million smartphones shipped in China in 2022, down 13.2% year-on-year (YoY) to below the 300 million mark for the first time in ten years. In 4Q22, the market declined 12.6% YoY to 72.9 million units.

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