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Huawei Petal Search update brings new improvements for visual search and more



Petal Search

Huawei Petal Search provides a new browsing experience and allows users to get different app features into a single solution.

It permits the user to access information from a variety of local services including daily feeds, news, weather information, live scores, view schedules, search for music, video, image, stock market updates, and more across different categories for a comprehensive and unique search experience.

Huawei always innovates or brings new features to its applications to fulfill the user’s needs and provide a uniquely wonderful experience. Users need to upgrade Petal Search to the 11.0 versions to come across the latest changes.

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Huawei has recently started to update the Petal Search app, which brings new optimization for visual search, face recognization, new capabilities for Petal Chat, as well as local football league results.

These new optimizations are likely to bring new capabilities to the users and will ease the overall user experience.

New Petal Search version:

Huawei Petal Search getting version updated from with an update size of 12.9 MB.

What’s New:

  • Optimized visual search with face recognition feature
  • New voice conversation capabilities in Petal Chat
  • Richer results for the local football league.

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