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Huawei patent technology for prediction of motion trajectory to improve experience of smart driving



Alongside smart products including smartphones, tablets, watches, TVs, and more, Huawei also covers other aspects like 5G technology and now started making efforts in smart cars industry.

The Chinese tech giant previously many times denies the rumors of its own car manufacturing but still securing its innovation in the form of patents to provide advanced methods and systems to smart car manufacturers.

On October 27, 2020, Huawei has filed a patent for the method and system for the prediction of motion trajectory related to the field of smart cars. According to Enterprise Check App, it was published on April 27 with publication number CN112712729A in China.

The patent method includes N motion trajectories of the first target, the N motion trajectories are provided by N devices, and N is a positive integer. According to the type of the N motion trajectories, determining the applied motion trajectory of the first target.

Among them, the motion trajectory of the application of the first target is used as the main industry policy of energy storage vehicles. The applied motion track of the first target obtained by the above method is more reliable in the world, which further improves the safety of the smart car industry.

In the recent past, Huawei patents related to smart vehicles are mileage prediction method, identify vehicle parameter in vehicle lines, emergency calling technology, battery estimation, and more.


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