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Huawei publishes a new patent for estimating battery health state in smart cars



On 30th April 2021, the latest news coming from the enterprise search app, Huawei publishes a new patent for estimating the state of battery health method management for smart cars.

The company has applied for this patent back last year on 27th March, which has been passed today with the publication number CN112740056A.

Abstract for this patent shows that this patent contains a method for estimating battery health reports, battery administration modules, and the administrative control system.

The method can determine the approximate aging degree of every single sells this battery pack, which is used in the smart automotive vehicle. It will be used in smart cars, new energy vehicles, and smart connected vehicles, it will be helpful when the battery pack is not attached to the vehicle.

We can determine the estimated aging degree of the battery module using this method described in this patent application. The outcome will be helpful in recycling and deliver a conclusion summary for the secondary utilization of the battery.

(Via- Ithome)

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