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Huawei has a new innovation for touch panel modules and device equipment



Today, Huawei has published a new patent for a touch panel module and device equipment with a publication number CN213122750U, which was applied on May 25, 2020, in China.

According to the patent information, the space-time panel module includes a cover plate assembly and a bottom plate. The cover plate assembly includes a touch panel, and at least one piezoelectric device is arranged between the touch panel and the base plate, as well as each piezoelectric device.

The device is electrically connected to the terminal device chip, and each piezoelectric device includes a national chip, piezoelectric ceramics, and force transmission double-sided tape arranged in the direction from the bottom plate to the touch panel.

The metal plate is arranged on the bottom plate, and the piezoelectric ceramic is arranged on the metal. It is electrically connected to the chip, and the force-transmitting double-sided adhesive is set between the piezoelectric ceramic and the touch panel, which is used to transmit force to the piezoelectric ceramic when subjected to external force so that it produces a positive piezoelectric effect.

The piezoelectric device receives the alternating piezoelectric signal sent by the chip and generates the inverse piezoelectric effect. When vibration occurs, transfers the force generated by the vibration to the cover plate assembly causes the cover plate assembly to resonate and receives the frequency and combined structure of the piezoelectric signal the resonance frequency is the same.

The technical control board module can be simplified to the main control board module structure while enhancing the user’s experience of vibration feedback.

(Source: ithome)

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