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Huawei’s new patent for face skin detection technology can map tissue position



Back in 2019, Huawei has applied for a new patent for the Face Skin Detection method and Device, which was recently published with publication number CN112700398A in China.

With the advancement of Science and Technology in the field of medical science, especially beauty science is developing rapidly. The growth rate in beauty-related hospital dermatology clinics and medical beauty institutions has increased.

Generally, peoples are always curious to know about their skin and service for better looks. Based on this, some of the smartphone, tablet, and PC manufacture started providing skin detection feature along with their devices.

User can take a picture of the face using smartphone or tablet, which support this feature. The device performs correction according to the image processing algorithm as well as evaluates skin.

This evaluation generates the result, which gives a better understanding of the user about skin conditions in real-time without visiting to doctor or going to the hospital.

In this line, Huawei also patents for face skin detection methods and devices. The method is executed by a device with a front camera, after taking the first image of the face, the feature information of the pores in the target area of the face is extracted, and the characteristic information of the pores in the target area is extracted.

According to the characteristics of the pores in the target area, the feature information further divides the pores in the target area into multiple pore categories. Finally, the feature information of each pore category is integrated into at least one pore detection model to obtain a pore detector for each pore category.

It can be based on the pore detection data of multiple pore categories that determine the skin detection result of the human face. This application solves the technical problem that the device in the prior art cannot perform the skin position based on the facial image taken by the front camera.

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