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Huawei P20 phones users facing app response issue after recent update [China]



Huawei P20 app response issue

This week, Huawei has kicked off the latest HarmonyOS firmware with March 2022 update for a previous-generation flagship, the Huawei P20 series. To be mentioned, this update is rolling for a large number of Huawei and Honor devices in China.

Yes! Huawei HarmonyOS update includes a bunch of useful features as well as system and security optimizations to provide an improved user experience. On the flip side, Huawei P20 users have started facing the app response issue after receiving HarmoyOS update.

It’s true that the installation of new updates sometimes brings some bugs, which will create issues in device performance. Likewise, the apps not responding issue is encountered on Huawei P20 series running on HarmonyOS version in China.

Issue Description:

A Huawei P20 smartphone user mentioned that phone is showing an “application not responding” message again and again. When the user was using WeChat to chat then it was fine. Afterward, when he taps on the official account to check the news, the app stacks and stops responding.

From here, he goes back to the home screen, the phone stuck on the black screen. On the other side, when the user opened other apps the “application not responding” message again pop-ups but he can slide down the notification bar and go back to the home screen.

At last, he reboot the smartphone and it started working properly. But, after some time again same issues were encountered on the device.

Huawei P20 app response issue


After reading the Huawei P20 app response issue, the Huawei moderator replied that first clear the cached data from the phone. Also, these types of problems such as app crashes don’t respond, stops running, or cannot be opened, it may be because the app version is too old, the app permissions have not been activated, or the system memory is insufficient, and more.

So, the corresponding device users can check the above-mentioned points that may help you to get rid of the latest issue. Alternatively, you can also restore the factory settings or go to the service store.

(Source: Huawei)

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