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Huawei Mobile Service will support OpenHarmony by the end of this year



Huawei Mobile Service OpenHarmony

OpenHarmony is the next-generation open-source operation of Huawei and a rival to the Android operating system. Following its development, Huawei donated the HarmonyOS source code to the OpenAtom foundation.

According to the information, the latest version of OpenHarmony brings supports WiFi Bluetooth, and cellular data as well as other connectivity options. Now, it is reported that Huawei Mobile Service (HMS) will support OpenHarmony later this year.

Yes! the news of Huawei Mobile Service coming to OpenHarmony is quite interesting. This will greatly boost the development of the OpenHarmony operating system. This big improvement will support HMS, AppGallery and third-part application support will be greatly facilitated.

Further, it is reported that on April 25, the admin of the OpenAtom Foundation telegram channel shared that Huawei Mobile Service will support OpenHarmony by the end of this year.

Huawei Mobile Service OpenHarmony


Speaking about HarmonyOS, it is Huawei’s fully owned next-generation operating system that empowers interconnection and collaboration. Further, it has abilities to run several platforms across multiple devices and provides a smoother experience.

At the moment, the OpenHarmony operating system cannot be used as it is still under development. But it is completely independent of Android on smartphones. However, smartphones equipped with the OpenHarmony operating system are expected to be launched by 2024-2025. Moreover, the new operating system will not support Android application packages, only support HarmonyOS apps.


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