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Google Android 13 reportedly restricts sideloading of apps



Android 13 ceases sideloading of apps to avoid unofficial accessibility services

Google is making efforts to break down the path of apps sideloading with the newest Android 13 operating system. By doing so, the company will mark a full stop on all the ways that grant access to some accessibilities services.

According to the reports, Android 13 has initiated a new move for sideloading apps. As a result, it will become difficult for the users to install the applications outside of the official Play Store. However, Google defines a big reason for taking this step.

The reason behind this Restriction:

When a user performs any task out of the legal platform, it gives rise to several risks for the system. Google explains that when an individual installs any application from an APK file, it opens the gate for various phishing attacks and malware to enter the device. Thus, it becomes very easy for spammers to hack the internal system and read confidential matters.

Android 13 ceases sideloading of apps to avoid unofficial accessibility services

Users can still use Accessibility Services

Although the US manufacturer is trying to shield the privacy of its users, it hadn’t closed the access completely. Individuals still have a choice to sideload the applications. Users can enable or disable the dialog box question for the restricted apps accordingly. Further, users can activate the access in the “allow restricted settings”.

A notable point that appears here is that Google is only making restrictions over the sideloading apps with Andriod 13. However, other fields like F-Droid and Amazon Stores would not show any such prohibition while installing such stuff.

The changes in these regulations might take place in the time ahead with a stable release of Android 13. But for now, the company is strongly denying the allowance of sideloading apps. One can see this ultimate variation with the call recording applications.


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