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TSMC plans new chips designing process, able to cut manufacturing cost




Evolving new technologies, TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) is reported to develop new chips that will have low cost. The company wants to integrate optical and electrical signal processing structures that will greatly reduce the chip production cost.

As per the information, the chip-maker filed a patent application on the serial number 201910538989.4 on 20th June 2019. The title for this application is “Integrated Photonic Package, Photonic Package, and Its Formation Method”.

The mechanism of the chip will be a composite of a base carrier, laminated release film, three diodes, and circuit controls. Below you can check the cross-sectional view of the photonic package forming process.

TSMC Low Cost Chips

Chip Component Arrangements:

As you can see in the image, the laminated release film is placed on the flat surface of the base carrier which is made of glass. Furthermore, these both are attached with diodes through an adhesive film.

An epoxy-based heat release material is used in the release film that is assigned in a flowable manner. In this line, the three diodes include an electronic diode, a device diode, and a photonic diode, added with the adhesive film.

Electronic Diode:

Here, the electronic diode works as the central processing unit and controls operations in the photonic diode. In addition, the manages electrical signal processing circuit and conversation of optical to photonic diode signals. In particular, this electronic diode includes a semiconductor substrate, interconnection structure, metal pillar, dielectric layer, and passivation layer.

Moving ahead, the semiconductor substrate is connected with the die attach film at the back that further connects with an interconnection structure consisting of a dielectric layer, metal lines, and vias. Besides, the metal pillar is placed below the dielectric layer that covers the passivation layer.

Device Diode:

Likewise the electronic diode, the device diode is also attached to the adhesive file through the semiconductor substrate. This diode works as a function-specific integrated circuit die of the corresponding package.

Additionally, it includes an integrated circuit device,  interconnection structure, and an electrical connector. The module placement is the same as the electric diode.

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