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Huawei found 494 suspicious apps on AppGallery in August, launched Child Mode



Huawei 494 suspicious apps AppGallery

As always, Huawei conducted its special AppGallery application test for August and review ten of thousand apps under the education category. At the same time, it has launched the Child mode for Huawei accounts to provide a more comprehensive user experience.

Speaking about the app audit, Huawei has detected around 494 suspicious apps AppGallery that were creating disturbances. In particular, about 24.32% of apps creating advertising problems including frequent pop-ups, and rest crashing during the login attempt.

As per the report, this special test covered 10 sub files such as language translation, English, exam preparation, Grammar correction, Speech listening, Book reading, and so on. The founded apps weren’t providing a smooth app experience to users.

Taking strict actions, Huawei has removed some of these apps from the AppGallery and notifies the developers to revise them. Furthermore, the rest of the developers are instructed to made feasible corrections as soon as possible. Otherwise, their apps will be unlisted from the app distribution platform.

Huawei 494 suspicious apps AppGallery

Child Mode:

Aside from the 494 suspicious apps AppGallery test, the company also Child Mode for children to provide them useful content corresponding to their age. From now on, Huawei account holders can add an additional account for their kids that will not let them view or open any sensitive content.

Although users of Child mode can log in through Huawei smartphones or tablets but can’t access inappropriate information. Furthermore, they can’t participate in forum interaction either present their view in the comment section.

To put it more simply, it’s a content filter mode that is specially designed for kids and prevents them from encountering unsuitable content. It also strengthens positive values and guidance.

Huawei Application Test in June:

About 44 misleading apps were founded in the June application test. It was mainly focused on job-providing applications and a total of 203 apps have undergone this audit. However, the company didn’t reveal the names of detected apps but warned the service providers who were found liable. (Full Story Here )

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