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Huawei 6G: Launch by 2030, preparing since 2017 and a long way to go



Huawei 6g

On 10th September 2021, Huawei Rotating Chairman, Xu Zhijun shared a message for the employees. It showcases prologues as “The New Journey of 6G Wireless Communications”. According to Chairman Xu Zhijun, the 6G network will make its debut in the market by 2030.

Eric further informed that Huawei has been investing in 6G research since 2017 and launch it in 2030. Meanwhile, the company is simultaneously promoting the 5G in the industry. Besides, it’s also willing to conduct a deep discussion with the experts of various fields and enterprises that may need a strong network in the future.

This worldwide pandemic certainly disturbed the communication structure and execution process. 6G will be beyond the current network definitions, so it’s hard to answer whether the experts will find a suitable definition by the time or not. It also concerns the openness of 6G and how much it’ll distribute beginning with 2030.

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China Academy’s View on 6G:

The IMT-2030 (6G) Promotion Group of China Academy of Information and Communications Technology publishes its 6G white paper. The caption of the release is “6G Overall Vision and Potential Key Technology White Paper”. It contains some info regarding the integration of the real and virtual world with the help of 6G.

Xu Zhijun 6G Book

Huawei’s view regarding 6G:

According to Huawei, only when the industry will find the answer to define 6G, it’ll come in the next decade. Additionally, the answers must have to satisfy the consumers as well as the providers.

If we discuss 5G, it has incorporated thousands of industries with wireless communications that have a strong and reliable bandwidth. The joint foundations of 5GAA (5G Automotive Alliance) and 5G-ACIA (5G Industrial Interconnection and Automation Alliance) not only meet the requirements of the vertical industry but stimulated the commercialization also.

Indeed the 5.5G will have more room to grow, but it’ll also open new technologies for the 6G at the same time. This iterative development of 5G will bring new capabilities of the core technologies. In the next decade, the entire industry will work on the deployment of 5.5G and the research and definition of 6G.

Technical Perspective for 6G:

Smartphone generations always upgraded by observing the previous technologies. At present, it covers every business area with a lot of facilities providing maximum comfort to users, but we should not forget the path we passed. Staring with the 3G, ATM and IP were polished, 4G gave power to the IT and CT industry, meanwhile, the 5G continues to expand.

However, there is still remains to achieve, as the industry is still exploring the 5G. Besides, being beyond the imagination 6G will have more twists and complications. Cloud computing, big data, AI, blockchain, edge computing, heterogeneous computing, and endogenous security will have the same impact on 6G. It’s time to learn from the present technology to make 6G more valuable.

Industrial Perspective for 6G:

The industrial expert believes that the first phase of 6G will be the most complicated one. It took about 4 decades in reaching 5G from 1G and making the smartphone industry developed. Although the massive effect and collaboration can be seen in the industry, geopolitical turmoil and deglobalization have negative impacts.

Only greater innovation is the way to bring a breakthrough in the smartphone industry. Furthermore, society has vaster expectations for technological standards. A balance is necessary between smartphone communication and society. However, today mobiles are one of the essential parts of routine and work.

The effects of today’s decisions will be reflected in the next two decades. Thus, facing these challenges will help the network communication industry to grow more. Besides, it’ll let the peoples continue to lead their life and work with more ease. It’s challenging, as the task and as the political wisdom also.


On the account of the above-mentioned fact, 6G isn’t difficult to achieve. It only requires more research and development compared to the last-gen network. In addition, the pandemic also accelerates the demand for stronger mobile networks. Still, it’s hard to say if the expertise can define 6G with satisfactory solutions by 2030 or Huawei will be able to pull up this technology from its bag on time.

This note published by Huawei concerns all the facts, meanwhile continues to promote 5G. Furthermore, this book also disclosed Huawei’s research on 6G that has been started in 2017. The company further hopes to ignite the researchers about 6G, as it’s barely not the beginning yet.

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