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Huawei Kunpeng Community trademark gets approval in China



Huawei Kunpeng Community trademark

In August 2021, Huawei filled registration for the Huawei Kunpeng Community trademark in China. According to the information, the Huawei Kunpeng Community trademark’s status changed to registered, which means it is now approved.

Earlier, Huawei has already secured several trademarks related to Huawei Kunpeng without any dispute or rejection in China. Last April, the Chinese tech maker has applied for the Powered by Kunpeng trademark that could be used for Huawei Kunpeng desktops.

Previous information reveals that the Kunpeng Computing industry has more than 3500 partners, 1000+ industry solutions, and over 600,000 developers. Further, the company has also launched two open-source basic software including OpenEuler and OpenGauss as Kunpeng application enabling kit Kunpeng BoostKit and the Kunpeng development kit Kunpeng DevKit.


About Kunpeng Computing Platform:

The Kunpeng general computing platform provides TaiShan servers based on the Kunpeng processor, Kunpeng motherboards, and Kunpeng Developer Kit.  The hardware vendors can develop their own products and solutions running on Kunpeng motherboards.

Meanwhile, the software vendors can develop application software and services based on the openEuler OS and platform software, such as databases and middleware. The Kunpeng Developer Kit accelerates application software porting and upgrades computing power for developers.

The Kunpeng computing platform is committed to pushing the boundaries of general-purpose computing and is built for diversified, green computing for all industries.

TaiShan ARM-based Server:

The TaiShan server is Huawei’s next-generation data center, which aims to meet the requirements of diversified computing and green computing in data centers. Running on Huawei Kunpeng processors, it can efficiently accelerate applications such as big data, distributed storage, native applications, high-performance computing (HPC), and databases.

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