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Huawei Kunpeng provides easy to use full-stack capabilities, innovation contest reaches ends



Huawei Kunpeng contest

Huawei Kunpeng incorporates full-stack capabilities, that have raises from available to easy to use. Huawei Computing Business President- Zhang Xiwei believes, Kunpeng is playing an important role in increasing the national economy and livelihood of the people.

The collaboration of Kunpeng’s full-stack capabilities in software and hardware, we have got 700 Kunpeng innovative solutions in 13 competition areas. To keep this continue, Huawei has conducted a Kunpeng application innovation contest that is successfully concluded decelerating the young achievers.

More than 1,200 companies with 5,000 developers have participated in the contest. After the semi-finals and finals, a total of 840 outstanding marks from five big names are selected as winners.

Furthermore, university professors, industry alliance organizations, industry standards organizations, mainstream open source communities, industry senior architects, and investment professionals of various fields are part of the Judging Panel.

Let’s give brief glance at the contest overview and winners- 

Huawei Kunpeng contest Overview:

  • Conclusion Ceremanoy Date: 03 September 2021
  • Venue: Huawei’s Songshan Lake Base
  • Glod Awards: 5 winners
  • Silver Awards: 10 Winners
  • Bronze Awards: 15 Winners

Kungpeng contest awards

(Glod Award Winners of Kunpeng contest, images from Huawei)

The Gold Award Winners:

  • Government Track- Beijing SuperMap Software Co., Ltd.
  • Financial Track- CICC Financial Certification Center Co., Ltd.
  • Operator Track- China Unicom Industrial Internet Co., Ltd.
  • Large Enterprise Track- Guangxi Power Grid Co., Ltd.
  • Contest opening Track- Beijing Powerland Software Co., Ltd.

Special Awards:

  • The China Communications Services Guangxi Technical Service Company won the Best Creative Realization Award
  • Two teams of the OpenGauss track “Shuguang Team” and “Baoland R&D Team” won the first prizes

At the closing ceremony, Tang Xiaoguang who is a srategic planning department director at Huawei said, the company is always focused on information technology. The two main points connection and computing are the foundation of the ICT field. Furthermore, our goal is to provide the best connection and the strongest computing power to the socity.

This Chines tech giant is planning to invest more in Kunpeng and making it the core of the computing field. It’ll encourage industry application innovation, accelerate industry integration, promote talent training, and attract developers from all industries to jointly create Kunpeng full-stack solutions.

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