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Huawei home storage will get new power supply device by next year



Huawei home storage power supply device

Huawei Home Storage Sale is still live for consumers. Meanwhile, we have come across something that will be quite useful and productive. As per the latest info, Huawei could bring a new uninterruptible power supply device for home storage gadgets.

Consequently, the Vice President of Huawei – Bruce Lee has brought this information in between us. The famous personality was describing the main difference between the NAS (Network-Attached Storage) products and the newly-released Home Storage.

While explaining the significant functions of the Huawei Home Storage, Brue Lee mentioned a new term – an uninterruptible power supply device. It will work as additional equipment that the company will attach to the storage gadget.

As the name reflects, the power supply device will encounter all the energy-related issues of home storage. When confronting a power failure, the power supply device will automatically turn off the home storage so that it may not damage the essentials of the user.

However, Bruce Lee reports that the development of this unique product is very slow at the moment. Hence, users should not expect the power supply automation till the next year.

Huawei home storage power supply device

Huawei Home Storage Device is simple and efficient!

As mentioned, Bruce Lee explained that in comparison to the NAS products, the latest home storage is extremely simple and efficient. The setting and management interface are easy-to-use and manageable with a smartphone.

Besides, the data security of the device is very secure. It supports file encryption and dual-disk backup, so that you may not risk your confidential elements. Further, users don’t require any special setting on the router for achieving the network.

The Storage gadget is capable of supporting remote access to stored files, and unlimited file upload and download speeds. Moreover, it can also synchronize and install third-party software. In terms of hard disk, this home storage uses the unique RAID solution which flexibly manages the file directory.

To conclude, the device is an advanced form of home storage and you still have the chance to grab this device on

Huawei home storage power supply device


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