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New OpenHarmony Wanlihong SP10 tablet launched with 12nm UNISOC T618 chip



OpenHarmony Wanlihong SP10 Tablet launched

And here comes a new OpenHarmony product! Yesterday, Beijing Wanlihong Technology has launched a customized tablet, named Wanlihong SP10 with an OpenHarmony system. The device has stepped into the real world with outstanding characteristics.

Wanlihong Technology is one of the popular tech sectors in Beijing. The company focuses on both software and hardware aspects. Besides, it also looks after device access software, mobile hotspot monitoring, malware detection, and more.

On the other hand, the company also plays a lead role in the digital security and confidentiality segments. Dealing with big data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications, smart government affairs, biometric identification, and special operating systems, are some of the main objectives of this cooperation.

The well-developed firm has launched the Wanlihong SP10 Tablet that uses the OpenHarmony-based operating system. This device will mainly serve industrial purposes. Perhaps, we could find the tablet in the general market in the time ahead.

OpenHarmony Wanlihong SP10 Tablet launched

Wanlihong SP10 Tablet: Key Specifications

The advanced tablet features a 10.4-inch screen with a 2K resolution and a 60Hz refresh rate. Further, it powers an in-built octa-core UNISOC T618 chipset with a 12nm process and works on the efficient OpenHarmony internal framework.

At the rear surface, the SP10 tablet holds a mini shooter and a flashlight packed in a rectangular base. On the right side, the gadget exhibits the volume rockers and the power button. Alternatively, the device has successfully passed the 3C certification and comes under the energy-saving category.

In terms of functions, the device is capable of supporting the latest tools and operations. For instance, Launcher, SystemUI, Settings, other system applications, support negative screen, application search, application real-time monitoring, browser, input method, software store, real-time weather, and more.

Besides, the device also carries system-related attributes. These are e-mail, calendar, audio, video playback, and other common functions. Consequently, this is the first China-produced tablet that equips domestic chips, an open-source OpenHarmony system, and will be in use for industry operations.

Currently, the company has not disclosed the pricing as well as other parameters of the tablet. Let’s see what new recoveries we will find for the OpenHarmony system in the future.

OpenHarmony Wanlihong SP10 Tablet launched


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