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Huawei offers free repair and replacement services for Wi-Fi router H6 users



Huawei router H6 replacement services

Huawei believes in the fact that keeping customers happy is directly proportional to the growth of the company. And, it constantly offers new benefits and services to its users. In the latest edition, Huawei has availed the router H6 repair and replacement services for free of cost.

To those who are unaware, Huawei router H6 is a useful Wi-Fi modem that came into existence from April to July 2021. It packs the HarmonyOS system. Besides, it supports Huawei Mesh+high-speed networking, Wi-Fi 6 protocol, management of the Huawei Smart Life App, three WiFi signal strength modes, and more.

So far, Huawei acknowledged that some router H6 users are facing some problems while turning on the device. Ultimately, the Wi-Fi router does not respond when a user tries to switch it on or perform any other action. Hence, to relieve the users of this stress, the company has offered the benefit of free repair and replacement services.

According to the shared post and image of the well-known Weibo blogger @KanshanUncle, Huawei sent a pop-up message to the router H6 users concerned with the replacement services:

“Dear Huawei H6 users, we found that some H6 products produced between April and July 2021 may have problems that cannot be turned on. You can make an appointment to go to the nearest Huawei customer. The service center will provide free maintenance and free replacement services. Or, call Huawei’s customer service hotline at 950800 to make an appointment for free on-site maintenance services.”

Huawei router H6 replacement services

So no need to worry more. If you are having an issue with your WiFi router H6 then follow the path of the Huawei service center and repair it for free.

Huawei router H6

As already mentioned, Huawei router H6 relies upon the HarmonyOS system. It exhibits long-lasting and easy-to-use features. Moreover, it has three modes: the sub-router standard version, the sub-router Pro version, and the 1 parent 3-child set version.

It adopts a Gigabit Ethernet port design and sends optical fiber broadband to each room through a network cable. Alternatively, it can easily solve the problem of large-scale Wi-Fi coverage. As a result, users can enjoy high-speed and stable internet connection.

Huawei router H6 replacement services

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